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Herschel Walker Says ‘Democrats Do Not Like America’

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

Herschel Walker said that if Joe Biden beats President Donald Trump on Nov. 3, America will undergo drastic changes. The former NFL running back went on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Tuesday night to discuss what he foresees for America.

“If you don’t vote Republican, you’re not going to recognize America,” Walker said, according to Fox News. He continued: “If you don’t vote Republican, you’re not going to recognize America. If you let the Democrats get in control, your kids, your grandkids, they’re not going to recognize America, because I see what they’re doing.”

Furthermore, he adds, “They don’t tell you the truth. The truth is they do not like America … they’re going to take your freedoms, and I’m not going to stand for it.”

Walker, who is an avid Trump supporter, emphatically said re-electing Trump is the only way to save America. Though, he didn’t explain what exactly that meant.

The former Dallas Cowboy’s running back also reacted to Rapper 50 Cent’s endorsement of the president. Real name Curtis Jackson, 50 Cent tweeted on Monday that he couldn’t support Biden because of the former Vice President’s tax plan. He said Biden is “out of (his) f—-ing mind.”

“… I applaud 50 Cent because he’s educated that he knows that plan that Biden has isn’t going to work,” Walker said. “So I encourage everyone else to do the same thing.”

Hannity and his guest discussed what Trump was offering the black community and why, they believe, more people of color are supporting the president’s re-election bid. Hannity brought up a recent FiveThirtyEight report that showed Trump was losing ground with white voters but was gaining the support of black and Hispanic voters.

Herschel Walker Commends Ice Cube

Rapper Ice Cube was taking flack online recently for working with Trump on the administration’s “Platinum Plan.” The proposed plan will supposedly create 3 million jobs for people of color. It would also hope to increase capital in black communities by $500 billion over the next four years, a press release about the plan said.

Rolling Stone reported that the rapper met with both campaigns to discuss issues of racism and economic justice. He said Biden’s camp told him they would address his issues after the election if they win. Trump, Ice Cube said, listened, and even altered their plans in order to adopt some of his concerns.

Walker confessed he didn’t know the 51-year-old rapper well but commended his actions.

“I know he was trying to do something great for the African American community,” Walker said. “He’s been ridiculed and even put down. I think it’s sad. Because it’s not like he went to the Trump campaign only and said, ‘I need you to help me with the African American community.’ He went to both campaigns. And the Joe Biden campaign told him, ‘We’ll get back in touch with you after the election.’”

“Which has happened to African Americans for years. We’ve been put on the shelf,” Walker continued. “Well, the Trump campaign jumped on it. He never said he was supporting the Trump campaign. Like I said early on, I don’t know him but I think it’s a shame that he’ll be put down for trying to help someone.”