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Herschel Walker Speaks Out on How Donald Trump’s Presidency Benefits Black Americans

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Bettmann Archive/Getty Images

Herschel Walker said Donald Trump is the president for Black Americans. The former NFL star shared a video from the Trump Campaign listing the ways Trump has helped black communities.

In the tweet, Walker wrote, “The truth is @realDonaldTrump has come through for Black America not just pandering for a vote BUT because it was the right thing to do and should have been done years ago.”

The video included a speech by Walker from the Republican National Convention in August. In the speech, Walker officially endorsed Trump as the Republican candidate for president.

Herschel Walker Endorsed Donald Trump As President

“If you love America and want to make it better, then Donald Trump is your president. He’s my president and I’m blessed to call him a friend,” Walker said at the time. In the speech, he discussed their longstanding friendship. “I’ve known Donald Trump for 37 years. I’m talking about a deep personal friendship. He keeps right on fighting to improve the lives of black Americans. He worked night and day, he never stops, he leaves nothing on the field.”

The video included clips of Trump meeting with black Americans as well as black institutions of higher learning. The video included a cutaway to the Black Voice For Trump endorsement. Walker wasn’t the only one singing Trump’s praises. Georgia Rep. Vernon Jones appeared in the video, backing Trump.

“My name is Vernon Jones and I am a life long Democrat,” Jones said. “And I’m part of a large and growing segment of the black community. And we believe Donald Trump is the president that America needs to lead us forward.”

“He changed everything. Supported school choice. Delivered historic funding to HBCUs,” Jones continued. “And put opportunity zones that will drive investment into our communities for decades to come. The President also built the most inclusive economy ever with record low unemployment for African-Americans.”

Recently, Walker defended his right to vote for Trump for president, saying he put his faith with “Jesus Christ.”