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High Winds and Snow Cause Power Outages for Thousands in the Southeast

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Lance King/Getty Images)

While it felt like a warm start to the winter, the season has hit the Southeast in full effect with high winds and snow causing power outages in the region.

Overnight, heavy winds along with blanketing snow in some places left thousands without power. This is a tricky time of year. The southeast was just hit with those severe tornadoes not long ago. Now, dealing with the winds, snow, and temperatures dropping across the lower half of the country, it seems the natural disaster issues are not over with.

The weather caused damage in North and South Carolina, down to Georgia, Alabama, and the Tennessee Valley in general. Those in Tennessee itself ended up getting a bit of snow as well during the night.

In North Carolina, four counties were hit hardest. Between Buncombe, Greenville, Henderson, and Anderson Counties there are just over 10,000 customers without power in the state. The majority of those outages are in Buncombe and Greenville. For most, power should be restored by the early afternoon. However, other locations do not have an official word on when power is to be restored.

Moving on down just a bit further south, South Carolina was hit very hard. As of 8 AM this morning, there were 99,000 outages across the state. There were other issues as well, including downed trees in roadways and more. Those outages have been worked on. However, the region is still under a wind advisory. Gusts could go up to 50 MPH and winds, in general, are expected to be 25-35 MPH.

All of that damage is before we even get into what the high winds did to the deeper south.

Georgia and Alabama Hit By High Winds, Snow

As we go further south, perhaps the state’s and local governments are even less prepared for a winter weather event. Georgia and Alabama were hit and there are thousands of folks in those states that have experienced power outages. Crews are working hard to get those issues resolved.

In Alabama, Athens, Huntsville/Madison, and Shoals are without power. Local news outlets are trying to get as much information out to folks as possible. The Tennessee Valley had “several widespread outages Monday morning,” according to WAFF48.

Folks in north Georgia were hit by the storm overnight as well. A wintry mix along with the strong, high winds, came through and left 71,000 without power. Georgia Power is working on getting these issues fixed. Both Gwinnett and DeKalb counties were hit hard by the storm. Those two locations make up the majority of the power outages.

Georgia Power said in a statement, “There are definitely going to be downed wires. People need to be especially careful if they see downed wires.”

These high winds and gusts are going to make repair work even more difficult. It doesn’t appear that these crews will have an easy task in front of them. With temperatures dropping, the race to get power back on it ongoing.