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Historic Colorado Ranch Weathered Two Fires, Now For Sale for Massive Price

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Getty Images)

Deer Creek Valley Ranch, a piece of Colorado history, is for sale for $11.5 million. Not bad, pretty doable.

The ranch sits on 165-acres of prime wedding venue; it’s perfect for those who want a rustic, outdoorsy, but still classy setting for their big event.

Besides looking beautiful, there’s a rich history behind the ranch, as well. The original 3-story barn was built in 1862 by George S. Parmalee, and was used as a stagecoach stop, ferrying 6 to 9 stagecoaches a day. Tragedy struck in 1927 when the original ranch house and office burned down. Then, in 1988, the 126-year-old barn burned down as well. According to the ranch’s website, faulty wiring caused the fire; it burned for several days due to hay and manure, but thankfully no animals were inside.

The barn was rebuilt using parts of a barn set for demolition; the roof and top floor of the Parker barn were a perfect fit for the restored skeleton of the old barn, and then-owner Jerry Keel had the barns matched up by cranes. The barn was restored, looking better than ever.

In 2003, Tim Marasciullo decided to finally buy his dream ranch; after driving past it for years, he snatched it off the market and went about turning it into the perfect wedding venue.

Another Stunning Ranch on the Market

Sitting on a pretty 146-acre property, the late Texas oil heiress Anne Windfohr Marion’s Jackson Hole, Wyoming ranch is on the market for a cool $45 million. The ranch has amazing views of the Grand Teton Mountains, and boasts an 8,000 square-foot main house. Called the Bar B Bar Ranch, Marion first purchased the main house from War of the Roses novelist Warren Adler. Subsequent homes have been owned by Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller; John Mars, heir to the Mars candy bar fortune; and producer Erika Olde.

But, Marion’s crown jewel was most likely the Four Sixes Ranch in Fort Worth, Texas. It’s considered the largest ranch in Texas at 260,000-acres, and is going to be the setting of the upcoming Yellowstone spin-off, 6666. Four Sixes is primarily a quarter horse and angus cattle ranch, and has been in the business for over 100 years. Marion was the great-granddaughter of Samuel Burnett, who founded the Four Sixes. She died in 2020 at the age of 81.

In Yellowstone-related news, writer and creator Taylor Sheridan is apparently under contract to purchase the Four Sixes ranch for $340 million as part of the spin-off series. This is the first time the land has been for sale since its inception; Sheridan aims to purchase all three properties under the Four Sixes name. As well as filming a new show there, Sheridan stated that he plans to continue the cattle driving and horse raising the ranch is known for.