Hobby Lobby Boycott Trends on Twitter Over Alleged ‘USA Vote Trump’ Sign

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Holly Hildreth / Contributor / Getty Images)

Angry social media users are calling for customers to boycott Hobby Lobby after photos surfaced online showing a pro-Trump display at one of the chain’s locations. The hashtag #BoycottHobbyLobby started trending on Twitter with many voicing their displeasure with the crafts store.

The boycott efforts began picking up steam on Twitter on Sunday. A now-viral photo shared by user Kari Brekke shows a display of decorative letters rearranged to read “USA Vote Trump.” Brekke posted the photo earlier this week with the caption, “In a Hobby Lobby.”

While Brekke’s image went viral, she explains that she did not take the photo. She pulled the snap from a public post shared in a national Facebook group for the Lincoln Project then posted it on her own channels. The Lincoln Project is dedicated to preventing Donald Trump’s reelection, Business Insider reports.

Brekke later explained why she shared the post. “I’m not a fan of Hobby Lobby. I would never shop there,” Brekke said. “I’m a Democrat. I hate the company.”

Twitter Calls for Hobby Lobby Boycott

Shortly after the photo began circulating on Twitter, many called for a boycott of the retail store.

Hobby Lobby is no stranger to conflict. In 2014, the crafts company won a case in the Supreme Court allowing them to deny access to their employees to birth control, USA Today reports. The company argued that birth control conflicts with religious beliefs.

More recently, the chain reportedly went against health guidelines in keeping some of its stores open despite shelter-in-place orders. At the time, David Green, the CEO and founder of Hobby Lobby, sent a letter to all employees. The letter was dated March 19.


“While we do not know for certain what the future holds, or how long this disruption will last, we can all rest in knowing that God is in control,” Green wrote, according to the Christian Post. “To help ensure our company remains strong and prepared to prosper once again when this passes, we may all have to ‘tighten our belts’ over the near future.”

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