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Alleged Hobby Lobby Donald Trump Sign Sparks Tons of Social Media Reactions

by Josh Lanier
(photo credit: Holly Hildreth / Contributor / Getty Images)

Social media still remains aflame over the now-viral photo of a pro-Trump display taken inside of a Hobby Lobby location, despite it being days since it surfaced on Twitter. Thousands of posts are still going up demanding people either boycott or defend the arts and crafts giant. And it doesn’t appear this trend will end anytime soon as backlashes and boycotts are fairly common for Hobby Lobby.

Boycott Hobby Lobby trends — again

While it’s unclear if the display, which read “USA Vote Trump,” was placed there by an employee or created by a customer, social media hasn’t cared. People quickly used this as an opportunity to discuss Hobby Lobby’s history of controversies.

People called for a boycott of the chain earlier this year for its slow reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company defied a stay-at-home order in at least one state, according to ABC News. Detractors say Hobby Lobby was slow to close despite warnings from health officials and was quick to reopen. Those decisions could have put their employees and customers at risk. These decisions sent their supporters and critics to social media once again.