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Hobby Lobby Posts On Facebook, But Gives No Statement On Recent Scandal

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Following the recent scandal surrounding a pro-Trump display in a Hobby Lobby, social media is eagerly waiting for a public response from the craft store. While no press release or official statement has been released, the store has been far from silent on their social media. Hobby Lobby continues to post coupon codes and promotions while receiving public backlash.

Hobby Lobby’s Twitter Goes Silent, Hate Continues

The craft and art store’s Twitter has been quiet since the uproar that began September 6, but they continue to rack in comments on their last posts. This tweet from just a few hours before the pro-Trump image was posted and hate began, gives a coupon code to followers. Many Twitter users are now replying to the tweet referencing differing political stances and recent display.

Some replied mocking the tweets caption that mentions “cooler weather.” This one supports Trump’s opposers, saying they look forward to cooler weather not for Hobby Lobby “hotter savings” but rather a new president.

Another comment references the pro-Trump setup, saying a full boycott must be about to happen.

While Hobby Lobby has been quiet on Twitter since the image trended, they continue to post and update the company Facebook. While many comments on Twitter are full of disdain, the majority of Facebook comments give an outpour of support for the craft brand. Others in the Facebook comment section continue to have customer service questions, ignoring any sort of scandal altogether.

Hobby Lobby Continues To Post on Facebook

The craft chain’s Facebook added a new cover photo celebrating the beginning of Autumn, and many comments poured in under the image.


The most highly liked comments show strong support for Hobby Lobby. “I don’t care what anyone says I love your store. LOVE the music you play. I feel so happy when I shop there,” one user writes, receiving nearly 80 likes under the new cover image. Another shows support similarly saying, “Love your store and your moral views. STAY strong!!!. I will continue to shop with you. Keep standing up for your views….you have that right. And if someone don’t like them. Then they can just keep walking. We don’t have to please everyone. JUST GOD.”

Additionally, one user created their own hashtag to combat trending #BoycottHobbyLobby, she writes, “100% support here!! #boycottcrybabies

Differing Views On Who Is At Fault

There is still no confirmation who arranged the pro-Trump display. Some reference Tik-Toks saying customers arranged the letters, so others should not be mad at the chain as a whole. Others love the display of words and are shocked there is any frustration in the first place. While others think that because Hobby Lobby has not spoken out on the incident nor confirmed a worker did not design the set-up, the chain as a whole should be boycotted. Users continue to emphatically discuss this in the comments.

Under a Hobby Lobby Facebook post, one user commented a Tik Tok that shows customers arranging letters. This comment gave a link to a TikTok, saying that people are “funny” for going after the store due to actions by customers. “Y’all are so funny. Going after a store for something customers are doing. Y’all may need to get out more.  https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJARMQUA/,” she writes.

While another user attacks the chain store and President Trump, no matter who arranged the lettering. The user attacks the Christian morals of the store, basically saying they are hypocritical for allegedly supporting President Trump. “Never felt the need to shop at an evangelical owned store… these people are kookoo crazy… religious, yet they support a man who “grabs women by the p$&@y” and can’t even recite one sentence, let alone a passage from the Bible… it’s so strange the loyalty to such a creep… goes against everything the Bible stands for”

Customers and social media users continue to monitor the Hobby Lobby’s official brand accounts, waiting for a response from the craft products chain store.