Holiday Travel Nightmare Continues, More Nationwide Flights Canceled

by Amanda Glover

Multiple flights continue delay or canceled altogether as this holiday travel nightmare continues.

During this time of year, airports are at their busiest. Families rush to get home to their loved ones before Christmas. Often, that means rushing past others in crowded airports or sitting in traffic for a road trip. But this year, it means not being able to return or leave home due to unfortunate changes in flights. Thousands of flights of nationwide travelers struggle to make it home from the holidays as they wait to find out what’s happening with their flights. Cancellations are currently hitting Omaha, Nebraska.

Concerned parents, Kevin and Laura Herrmann check the arrival and departure board at Eppley Airfield, watching their daughter’s flight closely. “Our daughter is heading home after spending Christmas with us and so she’s heading to Atlanta then to her new home in Florida,” Laura Herrmann said.

But with thousands of flight cancelations popping up all around them, the Hermanns begin to worry. Kevin Hermann notices the RED and YELLOW on multiple flight signs, meaning flights get canceled or delayed.

The Hermanns voice their fear over what their daughter has to do if she were stuck in Atlanta.

“Just a little bit concerned, because if they get to Atlanta, then she has to work in the morning at 7:00 a.m., and by the time she gets in it’s already going to be midnight, and seeing this, heck they might be staying overnight in Atlanta.”

“We just take it for granted that it’s just going to work like clockwork, and now seeing this it’s like just crossing our fingers just hoping she makes it back home smoothly,” Herrmann said.

Traveler Refunds for Holiday Travel Flight Cancelations?

Jarrod Olson is going home to California. He works in the morning as a basketball coach, but his first flight has been delayed. He got to the airport early in case he needed to rebook another flight. Nice thinking ahead, Jarrod! After learning of the many flight cancelations happening nationwide, he began to worry about his plans.

“The biggest thing is you just get to the airport, hopefully, it goes, if it doesn’t, you just call somebody and go hang out for a little bit longer. There’s not much you can do about it,” Olson explained.

What if there was something travelers could do about their struggles? What if travelers are can get refunded for their canceled flights?

According to the Department of Transportation, passengers might receive refunds of the ticket price and/or associated fees in various circumstances. Along with receiving a lower class of service involuntarily, passengers can have refunds if the airline has made a significant schedule change. This includes flight cancelation or delays.

Also, passengers may be able to receive refunds for services such as baggage fees, seat upgrades, and in-flight WiFi. For more information regarding flight refunds, delays, or cancelations, please contact your airline.