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Home Depot Employees Track Down Customer Who Lost Huge Amount of Cash Meant for Children’s Christmas Presents

by Taylor Cunningham

Two Home Depot employees saved Christmas for a Tennesse family after they returned an envelope full of cash that was meant to buy all the children’s presents.

Last month, an employee of a Bellevue store in Nashville named Adam Adkisson noticed the envelope on the floor as he was walking through the aisles. Inside, he found seven $100 bills.

Adkisson handed the cash to his store manager, Alissa Rocchi. She locked it in a safe and alerted high management thinking someone would come around looking for their lost fortune. But when the store closed for the night, the envelope was still unclaimed, and that didn’t sit well with her.

“If you’ve lost something you go right back [to find it],” Rocchi told Fox News Digital. “When they didn’t backtrack I was like, ‘Man, they didn’t even think it was here.'”

Rocchi knew she had to “do the right thing” and track down the owner. So she headed to Facebook and posted an announcement for the Hip Bellevue Facebook group.

“A very large sum of cash was found in a bank envelope in the Home Depot – on Hwy 70S – we hope to find the rightful owner,” she wrote. “This is a stretch, but maybe someone will see this. If this is yours, the bank envelope has distinct markings on it & you must answer specific questions to claim. Please see any manager at the Home Depot to claim.”

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Luckily those distinctive markings were impossible to guess if any grinches came by hoping to score the cash. Aside from containing a specific dollar amount, the envelope also came from Renasant Bank and had the initials “JC” written on the back.

Within a few hours, a man contact Rocchi and said that his business partner had dropped an envelope, and he had been looking everywhere for it. He added that the person’s initials were J.C., and he never thought to look at Home Depot.

The owner rushed to the store to retrieve his money, but Adkisson wasn’t there. So he returned the next day to thank him in person. “Never in a million years would I think that for sure we would get [the money to its owner]…it’s really amazing to see how a platform really did work out,” Rocchi said.

The Home Depot manager admitted that several people have asked why she put so much effort into the search, and she said that “good things come when you are leading by those values.”

“Doing the right thing really does put positivity in the world,” she shared. “The more we can put positivity and kindness in the world, that’s what I’m a part of.”