Homeless Woman Gives Birth in Below Freezing Temperatures, Huddles With Newborn in Sleeping Bag

by Halle Ames

When you think of places to welcome your new baby into the world, outside in a sleeping bag probably doesn’t come to mind. However, this was the unfortunate reality for one homeless woman in the Bavarian city of Nuremberg in Germany.

Not only did the woman have her baby on the dirty street, but it was also below freezing early this morning in Germany.

According to police, a patrol car discovered a 20-year-old woman, along with a companion and a newborn baby, lying on a ventilation grate outside a subway station. The woman gave birth to the newborn around 5 a.m. without proper medical assistance.

Where Homeless Individuals Can to Escape the Freezing Temperatures

The weather in Nuremberg was also too harsh for any person to be out in the elements. According to ABC News, the temperatures reported being an unbearable five degrees Fahrenheit.

The upcoming week in Nuremberg will remain cold. The high temperature will reach 37 degrees, while the lows will get down to zero degrees.

There is a homeless shelter in Nuremberg called Domus Misericordiae, which translates in English to “House of Mercy.” The shelter opens at night, starting at 6 p.m., but it is unknown if it is currently full, considering the weather conditions.

According to INSP News Service, there is also one homeless shelter just for women in Nuremberg, Germany. The sanctuary’s name is the Haus Sonnenschein, which means House Sunshine. There are 11 rooms at the women’s shelter.

The new mother was trying to generate as much heat as possible for her child. She was found by authorities cuddling in a sleeping bag to create body heat for the two.

Thankfully, the officer took both the mother and her newborn to a local hospital to warm up. The doctors also examined the two to make sure they were in good health.

Further details on the woman and her child’s status are unknown at this time.