Homeowners Discover Massive 7-Foot Beehive Behind Shower

by Madison Miller

People sometimes have the tendency to imagine some of the worst-case scenarios while their eyes are closed and their hair is a soapy mess, standing in the shower.

You’re in a vulnerable state and your eyes are glued shut in fear of some of those soapy suds burning your eyes. Whether it’s a knife-wielding maniac like something out of “Psycho” or an Australia-sized spider lurking, ready to strike.

Homeowners Cope with Beehive in the Shower

For homeowners in Florida, the buzzing they heard each time they were in the shower was far from imaginary.

Instead, it was a massive seven-foot-long beehive hiding behind the tiling in these homeowner’s shower. Bee expert Elisha Bixler from St. Petersburg, Florida, was the one called to remove that major bee infestation.

She detailed the experience on TikTok and even explained that it took a total of five hours to remove the nest completely. Hidden within the walls of that nest were hundreds of bees. With bees also comes honey.

“I got a surprise when I started breaking away the tile behind the shower wall. Look how much honey is packed away in here. This is a seven-foot beehive,” Bixler said in the TikTok video.

While the buzzing and the occasional bee escaping from the shower was the homeowner’s worst nightmare, Bixler had a blast hammering away at the tile.

“This thing was incredible. I’m going to take them home to one of my apiaries,” she also said.

Although Bixler found the bees fascinating, others had a similar reaction to the homeowners. One person wrote, “With my fear of bees, this is the more horrifying thing I would ever see if it was in my home.” Meanwhile, another commented on what else was found behind those tiles.

“Bathroom honey sounds about as appealing to me as toilet wine. Hard pass,” they wrote. As for Bixler, she wasn’t 100% sure what kind of bee was found behind those walls.

She has a whole TikTok account dedicated to bee removals and other bee-related adventures.

Vulture Bees Interest Different Researchers

While the world is going through a drastic decrease in honeybees, which our ecosystem and food system rely on, scientists have also noticed some other new bee-related advancements.

According to The Independent, researchers have found out that some bees are now developing a love for the taste of flesh due to what is called an “intense competition for nectar.” These bees also have guts that are actually similar to vultures, rather than other bees.

These are “vulture bees,” a species of tropical stingless bees. Normally bees only fest on food sources produced by plants, but not the vulture bees. They have the tendency to feed on dead remains now.