Hooters Waitress Reveals Her Secret To Getting Huge Tips

by Megan Molseed

Tipping is a core part of the service industry especially when it comes to eating out. Sure, tips are not a required part of a restaurant’s wait-staff employees. However, it is certainly core to the server’s overall income. And, recently one waitress who works among the wait staff within one of the world’s most popular franchises, Hooters, broke down some of her biggest secrets to getting huge tips during her shifts.

One Hooters Waitress Breaks Down The Key Moves To Pull In The Biggest Tips

According to Hooters waitress Aby Lynn, there are some tried and true techniques to scoring extra tips from diners. And, according to Aby, it’s not just about the obvious as in how one dresses for their shift or how a member of the waitstaff does their hair or wears their makeup.

However, it is important to put forth the effort to look your best when waiting on tables during a shift. After all, Aby says that people “really notice whenever you put an effort into yourself.” It also sends the message that you value your job. But, the overall secret to success when it comes to landing top dollar tips Aby says lies in the subtle nuances of each encounter.

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It’s all about the experience Aby notes, adding that developing a rapport with the customer and keeping the drinks full are two of the most important aspects.

“Even if they’re halfway full, bring them another one,” the Hooters waitress advises. Aby adds that most people are impatient when it comes to waiting for this service, so keeping ahead of it makes a major difference.

Developing A Rapport With Customers Helps Create A Connection

When it comes to creating a relaxed environment with each table, Aby advises giving customers nicknames. This, she says, creates a connection.

“I like to call everybody by, like, these little pet names,” she says in her TikTok video.

“It makes them more comfortable [and] it makes them more attracted to you,” Aby relates.

“I always say, ‘Hey, babe, can I get you another drink?’ … ‘Hey, hon, did you want another beer?’ … ‘Hey, sweetheart, are you ready for that check?'” she adds.

It’s Important To Make Everyone Feel Comfortable, Especially In An Establishment Like Hooters

Aby adds that if a guy is with a girl, it’s always important to greet the girl first. It’s important to continue making the female customer feel “comfortable” during their meal.

“If a guy’s with a girl, you always greet that girl first,” she explains. “You pay attention to that girl, you make eye contact with that girl.”

When In Doubt, Laugh

Aby adds that having fun on the job and laughing often is important when aiming for top-dollar tips. If you laugh Aby says, “they will tip you.” Also, sweetness isn’t always the way to go, either. Sometimes customers appreciate a “feisty” server Aby notes in her TikTok clip.

But, most importantly, the Hooters waitress says, you need to have fun. “Learn the songs, love the songs, sing and dance to the songs,” she says. “If it’s their favorite song or even if they just think you’re a good time, they’re going to tip you.”