Horse Interrupts Live Interview by Urinating on News Anchor

by Courtney Blackann

Reporters are used to mishaps while working in the field. It’s part of the gig. And oftentimes, you just have to roll with it. This is exactly what “Good Day New York” anchor Rosanna Scotto did when during a live segment, a horse peed on her.

The Fox 5 reporter was good-natured about the whole incident, however. She’s been in the business a long time – and has probably dealt with worse. A little urine is actually probably less bothersome than random strangers jumping into your broadcast in the background. If you’ve ever watched those reporting blooper reels, you know what we’re talking about.

However, it was during an interview with Manda Kalimian and her horse Pila when the accident occurred, per TMZ. The two were discussing efforts to save wild horses on National Day of the Horse Monday morning. Maybe Pila just got a little stage fright because it wasn’t long into the interview that she started urinating – which caused a splash.

Scotto jumped out of the way, avoiding a chance her stilettos would get too wet. But the reporter playfully joked about the incident later.

In a post on Instagram, Scotto shared the clip when Pila let loose.

“Is it #goodluck when a #horse #pee on you ? Happy #monday #horseofinstagram #peelikearacehorse,” The Fox 5 host captioned the photo.

While we’re sure it wasn’t what she was expected, Scotto definitely can’t say her week started off boring. And who knows? Maybe it is a sign of some good luck headed her way.

Workers Rescue Horses Trapped in Collapsed Barn After Tornadoes

Since it was just National Day of the Horse, it’s only right to share some good news about a horse rescue. Following the massive tornado strike that hit many central U.S. states, a barn in Missouri collapsed, leaving several horses trapped inside.

With nowhere to escape, the horses could have easily perished in the incident. However, thanks to some quick-thinking rescuers, the horses are getting a second chance.

The New Melle Fire Protection District posted the account to their Facebook page.

“One particular scene was a large barn that had collapsed with horses inside,” the post began. “It was confirmed that 5 horses were in the barn and 4 of them were visible, alive and heavily trapped. Crews went to work carefully dissecting the barn with chainsaws and skidsteers. There were 5 veterinarians on scene assisting in sedating and treatments. One by one we were able to extricate all of the horses that were alive.”

They went on to describe the amount of time it took volunteers to get the horses to safety.

“Rescue efforts took approximately 5 hours. It’s events like this that really show what our community is made of. Between our volunteer firefighters, all of career firefighters, local businesses and residents along with fire and Ems crews from all over we were able to mitigate the disaster. We want to thank everyone who assisted in rescue efforts, sorry if we missed anyone.”