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How Billionaire Former Walmart Exec’s ‘Woke City’ Will Screen ‘Settlers’

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by plus49/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images)

Former president of Walmart e-commerce Marc Lore is moving forward with his plan to build a giant “woke city” somewhere inside the United State by 2030. And he’s already thinking about how he will screen his future settlers.

Lore recently told USA Today that he and a team of architects, economists, engineers, climate experts, historians, and designers are currently working on screening criteria for people hoping to move into the new city called Telosa. And the criteria will give everyone a shot at becoming a member of the new society.

Founders haven’t decided on a location for Telosa just yet. But they’re looking at areas in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, and Appalachia. And while they haven’t hammered out where the futuristic city will be, they have a pretty good vision of Telosa’s culture and feel.

The former Walmart exec and his team are envisioning a Utopia that offers ultimate inclusion. The first batch of settlers will come from all political, racial, religious, and sexual backgrounds. And the city will give equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of income. Each citizen will have access to top-notch health care, excellent schools, and safe environments.

Former Walmart Exec’s City Will Offer Complete Inclusion

To make the move more attainable for everyone, Lore plans on creating a venture capital fund that people can use to buy homes or start businesses.

“We can’t create a city without some early nudging to move to the city,” Lore admitted. “We’ll have to kickstart in an unconventional way, but the hope is we’ll position the people to grow a culture.”

Builders should finish the first phase of the project within nine years. And at that point, 50,000 residents would be able to live within Telosa’s limits.

According to Lore, this project isn’t profit-driven. Tolosa’s name comes from the Ancient Greek word telos, which translates to “higher purpose.” And Lore believes his higher purpose is to help map out better lives for future generations.

“I’m not pursuing this to make money. I’m doing this because of what it can mean for others and the future,” Lore said. ” If this entire attempt doesn’t work, then hopefully there are things to learn from it, and it will inspire others to take their shot.”

Furthermore, Lore isn’t interested in being a dictator. Once the city has taken flight, he hopes the residents will build their own society based on shared morals and values. He wants Telosa’s settlers to create a “global standard for living” that will eventually expand “human potential.” 

“I don’t want to be the ruler of the city; this is more of a public service,” Lore told USA Today. “I’m wanting to give it a place to grow and flourish. It’s not meant to be a private city; it’s meant to be a city for everyone – with an innovative way we live.”