How USO Is Creating Holiday Care Packages for Military Members Serving Overseas

by Michael Freeman

The USO is an organization that recognizes the sacrifices our military members make to keep our country safe. They provide a variety of services and forms of help for military families, and this year, they shared how they create holiday packages for those serving overseas.

A morning segment of the Fox News program Fox & Friends had two USO staff members attend. While there, the pair provided some of their secrets when it comes to creating memorable care packages for overseas military members. No matter what’s included, the core element is conveying they are valued, missed, and we deeply care. The USO’s official Twitter account shared a brief video showing what makes them so special.

The video provides several common scenarios military members overseas face. However, each situation has one constant in the form of a USO package. Constantly getting packages helps reinforce the fact people back home care. Some of them are unfortunate and don’t really have anyone back in the US waiting for them, which makes the USO packages that much more meaningful.

Dr. J.D. Crouch II, CEO and president, and Rebecca Parks, USO northeast regional president, were the two people on the show. Crouch reminded the news outlet USO has been helping veterans since 1941. Additionally, “We’re sending millions of [packages] out to folks this year all over the world.” He added of the holiday packages, “This is just a little taste of home.”

As someone whose father frequently had to go to the middle east for at least half a year at a time, I can vouch for how much they appreciate the care packages. Even something seemingly small can mean the world if it shows you miss them.

Mother asks Santa to Move Christmas ‘Delivery Dates’ for First Responders and Military Members in Viral Letter

As previously stated, my father often had to go overseas and as such, missed many holidays and birthdays. Recently, a mother recognized the toll this can take on family members and asked Santa Claus to move Christmas “delivery dates” for our first responders and military members.

The mother in question, Stephanie Davisson, hails from Alaska and shared her letter to Santa on Facebook. Titled “Alternative Delivery Dates,” she wants to change the day presents are delivered so military families and first responders don’t miss out on the holiday traditions.

This is actually her fourth year doing it too. After doing so, she received a response from “Santa” which she also shared on Facebook. The families she’s trying to help are free to download and use this message so the whole family can set up a new Christmas date to celebrate together.

It’s especially wholesome and acknowledges what these heroes do for all of us. It also leaves a blank at the bottom of the page to set up an “alternate delivery date” for Christmas.