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Huge Bison Walks up to Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park for ‘Majestic’ Video

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Jonathan Mast / Unsplash)

Tourists at the Yellowstone National Park captured incredible footage of a bison standing in front of the park’s iconic geyser as it erupts right behind it. A man took the video on Wednesday showing the massive animal completely unfazed by Old Faithful.

Park visitor, Joey Krastel, captured the footage. He shared that the bison was rolling around in the dirt before parking itself in front of the geyser. “It was almost like he walked over to watch himself,” he said on Storyful. “He was harmlessly misted by the geyser and on such a warm day, it probably felt great.”

Every year thousands of tourists visit Yellowstone to watch Old Faithful. Visitors can watch the geyser erupt from a viewing area or boardwalks around the geyser. The bison positioned itself right between the geyser and the viewing location, resulting in this stunning video.

When the video starts, the bison is busy eating some grass. As the massive geyser erupts, the bison stands stoic and continues chowing down.

According to the National Park Service, thousands of bison roam the Yellowstone National Park. As of last August, the park counted more than 4,800 bison, according to Lexington Herald.

The Impact of the Coronavirus on Yellowstone

Like many other National Parks, the coronavirus forced Yellowstone to close back in March. The park reopened on a limited basis on May 18. On June 1, the park began its three-phased reopening plan.

For those considering visiting Yellowstone, the park advises visitors to come prepared to comply with all CDC and local health guidelines. When social distancing is not possible, face masks are required. People who are sick ought to stay home and not visit the park.

At this time, most hotels and eat-in restaurants remain closed. As for the campgrounds, a number of them reopened earlier this month.

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