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Hundreds of Amtrak Passengers Stuck on Train for Over 30 Hours Due To Winter Storms

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

Due to the winter storm that has been pummeling the mid-Atlantic states, over 200 Amtrak passengers were trapped on a train for over 30 hours.

Winter Storm Frida has been causing major headaches for people in much of the United States. But those living along the East Coast have seen the worst of it.

Since Sunday, over a foot of snow has hit the area, causing mass power outages and dangerous travel conditions, especially for a few hundred people who were attempting to travel by railway.

On Sunday, a Crescent 20 Amtrak train bound for New York City left New Orleans. But when the passengers hit Lynchburg, Virginia, the train made an abrupt stop.

Because of the powerful winter storm, downed powerlines and trees lined the tracks. And what began as a temporary delay turned into an overnight ordeal.

Carrie Dungan, director of Lynchburg City Communication, confirmed that the train was carrying approximately 220 passengers and six crew members. 

“That train was forced to stop, which forced the passenger train to reverse course and return to Lynchburg yesterday,” she wrote in an email Tuesday.

Dungan further shared that everyone aboard was “warm, fed and safe.” And the company was providing food and beverages to everyone.

A few City of Lynchburg employees also helped the passengers by delivering locally made doughnuts, snacks, and “Love Lynchburg” swag to the passengers before the train continued on to New York.

According to a city of Lynchburg city spokesperson, the train was still waiting for clearance as of Tuesday afternoon. But they expected the train to finally depart sometime in the early evening.

And around 4:30 p.m., Amtrak confirmed that the Crescent 20 was once again on the move.

Winter Storm Strands Motorists on Virginia Interstate Overnight

Vehicles along a Virginia Interstate are standard as officials rush to clear 14 inches of snow left by Winter Storm Frida.

2022’s first winter storm is wreaking havoc on Virginia this week. Some parts of the Old Dominion state have seen nearly a foot of snow. And more is expected to fall tonight. Because of the weather, authorities have reported over 400,000 power outages and deadly travel conditions.

And for travelers along I-95, those conditions have been particularly dangerous. Because the city has been unable to clear the snow, the interstate has stranded numerous vehicles. And some have been sitting on the roadway for over a day.

As of Tuesday evening, authorities have not been able to free all of the cars from the piles of snow and ice. But some people have managed to make their way home.

On Twitter, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam shared that he sent an emergency message to the trapped motorists to offer support. He wrote that EMS workers are working hard to clear a path. And Northam also added that the state is “working with localities to open warming shelters as needed.”