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Hunter Dies After Being Bitten by Boar He Just Shot: Report

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Robin Ritter / EyeEm via Getty Images)

The wild hogs we hunt in America are completely different animals than the boar they hunt in Europe. However, there are some key similarities. Among those are their short temper and sharp tusks. As a result, European wild boars are smaller than their American counterparts but are no less dangerous. One Italian hunter found that out the hard way when a boar fatally attacked him.

Wild Boar Turned Tables, Attacked Hunter

According to The Daily Star, Guilio Burattini was hunting the woods of Tuscany with his father when he shot the boar. He fired a round, the animal dropped, and he thought everything was fine. However, when the hunter went to inspect his kill, the boar sprang to its feet and attacked. Due to the animal’s short stature, it drove its powerful head and sharp tusks into Burattini’s leg.

One of the boar’s tusks severed the hunter’s femoral artery during the attack. As a result, he started to bleed profusely and probably knew his time was short. A forest rescue team and other emergency personnel arrived as quickly as they could. Unfortunately, though, they couldn’t do anything to save the hunter. His life slipped away on the forest floor, where he lay in front of his father. Later, medical professionals treated the father for shock.

At his funeral, the hunter’s friends were shocked that he died from a boar attack. They described Guilio as an avid outdoorsman and said that hunting was his “great passion” in life. Another had one chilling detail about the fatal attack. He recalled that the hunter let out a single “desperate cry for help,” when the animal attacked. “That cry for help and then nothing more.”

Giulio Burattini leaves behind a wife and one six-year-old daughter.

Wild Boar: Dangerous Game

This isn’t the first time that a wild boar attacked a hunter. In fact, HunterCourse.com ranks them among the most dangerous animals to hunt. “Experienced hunters say that wild boar can be even more dangerous to hunt than a bear,” according to the site.

Wild boars are resilient, fast, and incredibly intelligent. In fact, some studies show that they are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. Combine those attributes with those razor-sharp tusks and a boar’s short temper and you’ve got a deadly combination.

The above situation has played out several times before. If a hunter wounds a wild boar and moves in too quickly, they run a risk of being attacked. Sometimes, they’ll seemingly play dead until the hunter gets within range. Other times, they’ll sneak away and circle around. This allows them to flank the hunter and charge from behind.

In short, when pursuing wild boar, it takes one mistake to go from hunter to hunted.