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Hurricane Laura: New Category & Video Revealed

by Caroline Bynum

Hurricane Laura strengthens immensely as it heads towards the Texas-Louisiana border. The hurricane now has winds reaching 140 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Residents in affected areas are being urged to constantly monitor local updates and take precautions, accordingly. As it comes closer to landfall, time is running out to prepare. The NHC warns in a tweet, “Little time remains to protect life and property before water levels begin to rise and winds increase in the warning areas.”

AccuWeather reports that though the Hurricane will likely be a Category 4 when it hits land, though it may even reach the strength of a Category 5 for a bit. Category 5 hurricanes are classified by reaching winds of 157 mph, while Category 4s have winds of 130-156 mph.

Projected paths of Laura predict the eye-wall making landfall overnight Wednesday, in the late hours of the 26th or early hours of Thursday the 27th.

The “extremely dangerous” hurricane can be seen from space as it approaches the US. A video posted by AccuWeather shows Laura’s threatening approach.

Senior Hurricane Scientist, Eric Blake, compares Hurricane Laura to Katrina. A radar gif of the strong Category 4 is paired with his “gut-wrenching” fears. He tweets that the upcoming hurricane’s effect “would change the course of the landfall area much like Katrina did.”

Josh Morgerman, “hardcore hurricane chaser,” echoes Blake’s fears. The hurricane chaser references his past chases, saying this hurricane is stronger and more dangerous than anything he has faced. In addition to a radar image of Laura, he says, “Respect this beast. Respect it.”

The National Hurricane Center encourages residents of potentially affected areas to monitor their website for updates. Residents should also check local advisories to ensure safety.