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Hurricane Sally Makes Landfall: See Doppler Photo

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Joe Raedle / Staff/ Getty Images)

Hurricane Sally made landfall onto the Alabama and Florida Panhandle coast early today as a Category 2 hurricane. With it, the storm brought strong winds and, due to its slow speed, heavy rains that could produce life-threatening flooding. 

Hurricane Sally hit close to Gulf Shores, Alabama, around 4:45 a.m. today with winds at 105 mph. With the storm moving at only three mph, some areas along with the coast have gotten 15 inches of rain. That number could increase to around 35 inches by the storm’s end. 

After high winds, both states took a beating. Police in Pensacola, Florida, describes having so much significant debris it “had become too numerous to list.” 

They ask drivers to stay off the roads if non-emergent. 

The National Weather Service office in Mobile, Alabama, asked people in the areas to “hunker down”. They also declared an emergency for a “severe threat to human life and catastrophic damage from a flash flood.”

The National Weather Service in Mobile tweeted, “This is a LIFE-THREATENING SITUATION. SEEK HIGHER GROUND NOW!!”

Ken Graham, the Director of the National Weather Service, said, “Nothing is going to go away anytime soon. The winds, the torrential rainfall, the slow movement, and the storm surge, this is a dangerous situation all around.”

This morning on Pensacola Beach, the sound of transformers exploding and debris flying could be heard by scared residents. 

Hurricane Sally in Coming Days

According to utility tracker, PowerOutage.us, the power is out for close to half of a million people in Alabama and Florida alone. 

The slow-moving storm will continue to hit the coast today before moving north and then northeast. 

Places like central Alabama and Georgia could see as much as a foot of rain, which could bring major flash flooding. Later this week, the Carolinas could get as much as nine inches of rain.