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Husband Helps Badly Burned Woman Escape Oregon Fires, Unaware She Is His Wife

by Outsider
A man inadvertently saved his wife after raging wildfires.
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A husband seeking out his family after terrible wildfires has been met with tragedy. Following the blazes in Oregon, Chris Tofte found out that he had already found his wife while in the process of searching for her. He couldn’t recognize her, as she was too badly burned.

Chris Tofte spoke to the Daily Mail about his wife Angela, who had been badly burned during the fires. She is now being treated at the hospital while in critical condition. At first, Tofte braved the aftermath of the fires to find Angela.

On the way, he found a woman wearing underwear with a black mouth and black hair whose feet were burned. He stopped in an attempt to help her into his car. Unfortunately, as her injuries were so severe, she no longer resembled her usual self. Chris told her he was looking for his wife and son, and the woman replied “I am your wife.”

Tofte and the family tragedy following the wildfires

Chris learned that while his wife survived, though was badly burned, their son Wyatt did not. Wyatt’s body was later found in a car cradling his pet dog Duke. It’s believed that Wyatt entered the car in an attempt to escape the flames.

The boy’s 71-year-old grandmother Peggy Mosso was also killed by the flames. Tofte’s wife Angela had tried to rescue her as a vehicle burned in the fires.

There have been a staggering one million acres and thousands of structures destroyed by the wildfires in Oregon. The effect on the environment has been devastating.

“Our family is devastated by the loss of our kind-hearted 13-year-old Wyatt and his beloved grandmother Peggy in the Santiam Fire in the early morning of September 8,” the family told CNN in a statement.. “Our family appreciates the love and support we have received from everyone during this terrible tragedy.”

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