Hyundai to the Rescue with New Emergency Vehicle Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Zhang Hengwei/China News Service via Getty Images)

The world of tech-led innovations changed a lot for the automobile industry over the past couple of decades. Between semisubmersible electric pickup trucks and autopiloted Teslas, automobile technology is advancing at an accelerated rate. They even have multi-million dollar RVs with secret garages now. Hyundai is joining the race with its own innovative designs.

Recently, Hyundai North America president and CEO José Muñoz joined Gary Gastelu in The Fox Garage to talk about some pretty big news. Here, he revealed that creating a new type of emergency vehicle is one of many priorities. The twist? Hydrogen fuel cell generators. Utilizing these can provide power in even the most remote locations. As a result, this gives the Hyundai brand a real leg up on their competition. In fact, the proposed emergency vehicle just might be a game-changer.

The Rescue Hydrogen Generator Vehicle: RHGV

Throughout the Garage talk, the president discussed the specs and price tags of many different vehicles. Perhaps the most innovative of all their ideas involve the off-road truck equipped with a zero-carbon emissions hydrogen fuel cell generator. It falls under the Kia name with Hyundai as its parent company. The design actually borrows influences from Kia’s upcoming ATV military SUV. As a matter of fact, the elegant design actually mirrors that of an original Humvee. Nonetheless, there are enough differences to keep it unique.

The RHGV joins a growing list of post-modern vehicles like autonomous semis and even a high-performance sports car. Hyundai confidently shares that the generator’s power allows it to charge homes during power outages. Moreover, it holds the ability to bring power to remote science stations that couldn’t get it otherwise.

Hyundai says the hydrogen line is the future. A recent tweet elaborates: “The #HydrogenWave has begun for our Earth and humanity.” Although many are skeptical, a good portion of the population is excited for something new. What do you think?

Check out the RHGV for yourself here:

Hyundai’s Transition to a Different Market

It’s no secret electric cars are growing in popularity. Sure, Hyundai still owns a steady repertoire of “regular” cars. However, to keep up with the automobile industry’s top dogs, the brand continues to move towards a more diversified line-up. Just take a look at its sleek new IONIQ5 model. This compact SUV comes with a lot of pretty amazing capabilities including the ability to charge other electric cars.

May actually marked the company’s best month and highest sales numbers ever in the United States. With the release of the IONIQ5 and everything else up Hyundai’s sleeve, projected growth is through the roof. For now, they’re definitely talking the talk. At the end of the day, though, only time will tell if they can walk the walk. All things considered, the future looks bright.

You can also catch the full Fox Garage chat here: