Ice Cream That Looks Like Fried Chicken Has People Freaking Out

by Will Shepard

Have you ever bit into your fried chicken and wished that it was actually ice cream? Well, now there is a way to have that exact wish come true.

This week, there is an ice cream bar disguised as fried chicken making its rounds on social media. A food company has made an ice cream bar look like a fried chicken drumstick, and people are freaking out about it.

There isn’t actually any chicken in the treat, nor is it fried. Instead, the delicious treat is actually a waffle-flavored ice cream with a chocolate-covered cookie in the middle. The cookie act as the bone in a drumstick. To top it all off, the whole thing is covered in a white chocolate glazing that coats the drumstick. On top of the white chocolate glazing, there are crushed cornflakes to give it the fried chicken look.

This whole ice cream ensemble creates an incredible-looking drumstick that apparently tastes excellent. Even though this ice cream drumstick is making the rounds now, it isn’t brand new to the world.

The treat was first created back in 2018 by a pastry chef, and anyone who wants to try it can do so. Also, this treat is available for people to buy online. The treat is also available to buy in the store.

The store is called Gold Belly and is located in Charleston, South Carolina. Again, the ice cream treat that looks like fried chicken is available to order.

So, for those that don’t live in Charleston, the prices vary depending on how much you want. To start, it is $99 for a 9-piece bucket and $149 for a 20-piece bucket. But, if you do live near Charleston, South Carolina, and are dying to try this fried chicken look-a-like treat, the prices are much cheaper. You can get one for $5, six for $25, or twenty for $75 at Life Raft Treat.

“Not Fried Chicken” is certainly something that most people didn’t know even existed. But now, people are seeking this ice cream treat out like nobody’s business.