Ice Cube Defends Working With Donald Trump, Won’t Officially Endorse Him

by Thad Mitchell

Rapper Ice Cube is defending his working relationship with President Donald Trump but says he isn’t a Trump endorser.

This summer, Ice Cube put out what he termed a “Contract with Black America,” which calls for reform and opportunity for African Americans, according to Fox News. The contract lays out the groundwork for how to make long-term, systematic improvements for the Black community, he says.

The music icon was a featured guest on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” on Wednesday. Speaking with show host Trevor Noah, Ice Cube says he has taken heat from fans for perceived support of President Trump. However, the rapper calls the notion misguided and says he hopes to work with both political sides.

“I put out a plan, both campaigns wanted to talk to me about it, and I was eager to talk to both campaigns,” he says. “I’m done playing this politics game, joining sides. To me, that doesn’t get the job done. You know, what gets the job done is to try to make a deal with whoever is in power and hopefully they see what we’re going through.”

Ice Cube Eager To Work With Both Sides

Cube says he reached out to both sides of the political spectrum but notes the Trump administration agreed to pursue his cause. He also states that the democratic party told him they would take up the matter after the election.

The rapper also says he had a productive meeting with Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser. He points out that his goal is to keep the struggles of Black Americas at the top of the political conversation. Cube says he doesn’t take sides in politics and will continue to work with republicans and democrats to further his cause.

“I want to keep our issues top-of-mind and at the forefront of everything,” he says. “It’s politics. The Trump campaign put out those headlines, but you’ve got both sides putting out headlines. You’ve got celebrities on both sides with headlines. You know, campaigns try to use political footballs in any way they can. At the end of the day, American people are smarter than that. American people are going to look at all of the facts and go and vote for the person they believe can win and do a better job.”

H/T: Fox News