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High School Football Game Canceled at Half-Time After Protester Refuses to Wear Mask

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

An Idaho football game was halted when the father of a player from the visiting team refused to wear a mask.

The Caldwell Cougars were playing host to the Emmett High School Huskies last Friday when the incident occurred. According to NBC News, Ammon Bundy was attending the game without a mask. He was asked by school officials to put on a mask or leave. The report describes Bundy as an anti-government activist. He was attending the game to watch his son, a linebacker for Emmert, play football.

Bundy is no stranger to making national headlines. He is the son of activist Cliven Bundy. Bundy is best know for a 2016 standoff with government officials at an Oregon wildlife refuge.

Reports say Bundy was turned away from entering the Caldwell stadium for refusing to adhere to their coronavirus mask policy. Both school officials and Bundy confirmed the reasoning behind the incident.

Upon being turned away from the game, Bundy tried to watch the game from the campus parking lot. He was again asked to leave by school officials.

He told NBC News that special accommodations should be made for people who want to attend the game but do not want to wear a mask.

“I have a strong belief in my right to choose to wear a mask or not,” Bundy said. “If they think there is somehow a safety issue, then they need to section off a part of the bleachers to accommodate for those of us who believe differently than others.”

After his refusing to leave the game, Caldwell school officials called the game off at halftime with Emmert leading 35-0.

Football Game in Limbo

Emmett High School does not have a policy on masks, allowing their fans to attend home games without them. Bundy told NBC News that if wishes to attend another away game with a similar policy that he will act in the same manner that he did Friday night.

Despite holding a five touchdown edge at halftime, Idaho High School officials say Emmett may have to forfeit the game due to Bundy’s actions. That decision has yet to be made though. Officials say that if it is found that Caldwell administration correctly enforced the policy and clearly explained it to Bundy, then Caldwell could be declared the game’s winner by forfeit.

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