Illinois School Bus Driver Saves Children on Stalled Bus From Being Hit By Train

by TK Sanders

A bus driver in Orland Park, Illinois, saved five children after a school bus stalled on train tracks, according to officials. A Metra train eventually struck the front of the bus, causing massive damage. The driver evacuated the children, though, before the train struck the bus, saving lives in the process.

The crash occurred at 167th and 109th Avenue. The children on the bus were from St. Michael’s in Orland Park.

“The investigation shows the driver stopped at the tracks as required to do so. But when she started the bus to cross, the bus stalled with the front end of the bus over the tracks,” local fire chief Michael Schofield told Chicago media.

“The gate came down on top of the bus. But then the driver quickly escorted the five children off of the bus to safety minutes before the Metra train hit the front of the bus,” he said.

Ava Gentile, 12, and her two brothers evacuated from the bus to safety, thanks to their quick-thinking bus driver, Ms. Sue. “We all just ran off the bus. I got Jeremy and Joshua, and the neighbor, and I just told them to get off the bus and go far away,” Ava said.

Ava’s father Marc thanked Ms. Sue for her heroism. He says there “was a relief” after seeing his three children after the incident. The children gave the bus driver an appreciation hug as well.

“When everyone does what they are trained to do, no one gets hurt. We are so grateful for that,” Schofield added.

Some children in Cincinnati are also happy this week

Speaking of good news for public school children, the city of Cincinnati announced they are canceling classes for the day after the Super Bowl.

After 33 years of waiting, Bengals fans finally get to cheer for their own team in the big game next Sunday. The school children may even get to stay up extra late if the team wins it all.

According to Mike Moroski of the CPS, “I think it’s pretty likely [we cancel school]. It’s kind of a no-brainer I think. It’s a big deal for the city of Cincinnati. Win or lose. The schools will give children and their families the day off.”

The Bengals are a scrappy young team with loads of talent and a winning attitude. Multiple times in the playoffs they looked defeated, but continued to rally back and win each game. Against the Tennessee Titans in Round 2, the Bengals gave up an incredible nine sacks but still managed to secure the victory after a last-second field goal. Then, in the following week, the Bengals found themselves in a big hole against the uber-talented Kansas City Chiefs. Another improbable second-half performance led to an overtime win and a punched ticket to the Super Bowl.