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In a Knot: Michigan Cops Help Out Seven Baby Squirrels Who Got Tails Tied

by Matthew Memrick
(Costfoto/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

Michigan cops came to the rescue of seven sad baby squirrels whose tails became knotted together.

According to Yahoo! News, Grand Blanc Township Police Department officials found out about the magnificent seven at the bottom of a tree and went to help out.

“It appears they became entangled while in their nest and finally grew to a point the nest couldn’t hold them,” police posted Friday on Facebook.

Police officers and a resident untangled the mess and freed the kits as the mother squirrel watched. The police added that the squirrels were safe, and their tail fur would need some time to regrow and recover in the Facebook post.

There’s no word on how long the untangling took the group.

A Knack For Squirrel Knots

A Nebraska squirrel family of six kits got tied together in 2018. On this occasion, a wildlife rehab group put the animals to sleep and untangled them in an hour. The squirrels were approximately eight weeks old.

“It was like a tug of war,” Craig Luttman told the Omaha World-Herald. “All were going in different directions.”

The Nebraska Wildlife Rehab then put the squirrels to sleep with anesthesia, dropped a towel over them to keep them calm, and untangled them using natural oils. 

Sadly, the tail damage was severe for some. Surgery was an option for a few squirrels, but the wildlife group said the rodents were only a few weeks away from being re-released into the wild.

McClatchy News Service reported on the Nebraska incident and a Wisconsin one that same year.

However, the Wisconsin crew of five gray squirrels was a mess. This fearsome five stuck together with long grass, plastic strips, and other human-made junk. They were several weeks old. A woman got the Wisconsin Humane Society involved and transported the knotted animals to a wildlife rehabilitation center. 

After 20 minutes, one squirrel popped free, and the others soon followed.

There’s one theory as to why this keeps happening to the rodents.

A U.S./Canadian company called Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control said the tails could tangle and merge after spending months together in a nest.

“Over time, the situation becomes more complicated as additional material joins the fusion and the fur becomes matted, essentially trapping the squirrels together,” the group said.

Grand Blanc Township is just outside Flint, Michigan.

Social Tale Good For Tails

Social media viewers loved the cops’ effort.

“That is truly amazing,” Barbara Bortles said on the Facebook post. “Bless the wonderful Officers and neighbors that saved these babies lives, for they would have perished for sure…and yes, the wonderful person that discovered them and summoned help!! That was the most important step!! That’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever heard of!!