In-N-Out May Have Quietly Entered the ‘Chicken Wars’: Could New Secret Item Be a Game Changer?

by Emily Morgan

West coast’s favorite burger chain, In-N-Out, may have quietly entered the chicken sandwich wars. 

If you don’t know, some of America’s fast-food chains such as Chick-Fil-A, Popeyes, Burger King, McDonald’s, and others are currently vying for the number one chicken sandwich. 

Now, another contestant has entered the ring. For In-N-Out, their secret menu seems to have put them in the game. Apparently, you can order your fries animal style, stack up patties on your burgers, and you can order a chicken sandwich.

While the chicken sandwich option is not on the menu at the moment, and there has been no announcement made, some TikTok users have revealed that the popular chain has a chicken choice for their customers. One TikTok video has recently garnered over 3.5 million views showing what the TikToker professes as a “Chicken Burger” off the secret menu at In-N-Out Burger.

According to The Daily Dot, TikTok user andynot2021 records his order at the counter and then requests he get the chain’s chicken item. 

Tik Tok Users Torn Over In-N-Out Chicken Sandwich Debate

“Can I order from the secret menu? Can I get a chicken sandwich?” he says in the now-viral clip. A chicken sandwich then appears on the counter with In-N-Out’s sauce and an In-N-Out wrapper in the blink of an eye.

However, some online users are now questioning if it’s too good to be true. Per The Daily Dot, many employees and fans pointed out that the sandwich presentation is not up to In-N-Out standards. 

“Not wrapped in the paper and the outside pouch is mangle from u switching. Lettuce isn’t wedged either. Totally transferred from burger,” a user noted.

Andynot2021 isn’t the only user making the chicken claim. A user named Mommapeaches5 ordered something called a “chicken burger,” with no sauce on it this time. While it looks like a legitimate order, many users are still skeptical. 

“This is a lie!!! I called the corporate [office], and it isn’t true. [People are using] Popeyes chicken and putting it in In-N-Out burger [packaging],” another user wrote. Later, an apparent employee told people to stop pretending the order was real after receiving several orders for the day.

Finally, the truth was revealed. The Daily Dot reached out to In-N-Out for a comment via email to nail down the details.

“The social media videos featuring a chicken sandwich or chicken burger at out restaurants are not accurate,” Kathleen Luppi, marketing specialist for In-N-Out, told the outlet. “The videos were likely created as a prank, or to attract online attention.”

As much as we want to believe that In-N-Out really has a secret menu with a chicken burger, it seems untrue. Remember, don’t believe everything you see on TikTok.