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Independence Day 2021: Fourth of July Fireworks Display at National Mall Comes With Massive Price Tag

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Cindy Yamanaka/MediaNews Group/The Riverside Press-Enterprise via Getty Images)

As we celebrate Independence Day this weekend, we all have a lot to be thankful for. Last year, the skies were a little darker, and the nights were a little quieter. It was a big change as many of the major Independence Day fireworks displays throughout the country were canceled.

Obviously, this was largely due to the pandemic that had gripped the world. So this year, many Independence Day celebrations are going all out, sparing little expense.

One of the country’s biggest displays, a memorable show scheduled at the National Mall in Washington D.C., is said to be costing close $280,000, per TMZ. The display is being put on by the National Park Service. The show that is sure to be a magnificent one, promises to be a memorable celebration of our nation’s 245th birthday.

Sparing No Expense For Independence Day Festivities

For some, this price tag may seem incredibly steep. However, as the outlet noted, the price tag is actually par for the course.

The D.C. display will come with a price tag of about $278,000, according to federal financial records obtained by the outlet. TMZ added that this cost is simply for the Independence Day light show. The display is sure to be amazing.

However, there is much more than the cost of fireworks that goes into a successful Independence Day show. There are security costs to consider, which will run into the tens of thousands, to be sure.

A Fireworks Show Is So Much More Than Just the Sparkles

The planning of the stunning fireworks display will add to the price tag as well. In addition to all of these logistics, another expense falls on the practical side. Entertaining a crowd means handling all their needs, whether that’s refreshments or restrooms.

The outlet added that much of the cost includes stuff one might not think about, such as the security, their overtime pay or the holiday pay that comes along with that. This is in addition to the basic necessities and ensuring general safety protocols.

The average cost of a July 4th holiday fireworks display tends to fall between $15,000 to $30,000 reports northjersey.com, so this is obviously above and beyond that. While this is the average cost of the Independence Day displays, many communities do fall below this number.

Firework Sales See Unusual Results In 2021

The Washington D.C. display at the National mall will be one of the biggest the country will see this year. In fact, many areas are facing shortages due to a higher demand for at-home sparkling celebratory displays in 2020. With a number of the regular shows having been canceled last year, fireworks retailers saw an incredible jump in sales last summer.

According to an NBC News article, the availability of fireworks will be down by about 30 percent compared to other years. This is largely due to an unprecedented amount of private sales during the pandemic.