Indian Motorcycle Company Introducing E-Bike That Won’t Require Motorcycle License

by Madison Miller

When you get on a motorcycle, safety becomes one of the top issues and priorities. In order to start cruising down the streets, drivers need to acquire a motorcycle license. It varies in different states, but this typically includes a written exam and a driving skills exam. It can also include a specific safety course and a vision exam as well.

Now, the Indian Motorcycle Company is looking to pass over that step in riding. Instead, the popular motorcycle company is releasing a brand new e-bike that is not going to require any different kind of license.

At a Glance

  • Indian Motorcycle Company is teaming up with Super73
  • The result will be the e-bike called eFTR Hooligan 1.2
  • There will be no motorcycle license necessary to ride
  • This new e-bike reaches a max speed of 28 mph
  • It comes in at the grand total of $3,999.99

Specific Details on the Launch of the Indian E-Bike

Indian motorcycles are some of the most coveted and historical bikes we’ve got hitting the roads. Now, the company teamed up with Super73, the very popular electric bike company. This is a brand based in Irvine, California. It is known for electric bikes in the style of a motorcycle. Also, they have done several interesting builds for celebrities and other influencers.

The two are joining forces to create the eFTR Hooligan 1.2 that will look like aspects of an Indian motorcycle but will be all-electric. According to Electrek, this new bike is based on the very well-known S2 electric bike the company produces.

It’s obviously not going to be just like riding a massive Indian bike. Rather this slimmed-down version also incorporates new things like a mid-height build, inverted front forks, moto-style handlebars, and LED headlights. There are no rear fenders or a stock front, but took other measures to strengthen the tires and make balance as effective as possible. Not to mention, it includes a gold chain, which makes it look more like an authentic Indian Motorcycle.

“No other electric bicycle brand has defined itself as vividly as SUPER73. Its moto-culture DNA and outgoing, adventure-seeking passion for two-wheels make them the ideal partner for Indian Motorcycle. But it’s far more than just brand personality. Like us, SUPER73 shares an unwavering commitment to their loyal and passionate customers, as well as to quality and innovation, marked by its sophisticated electric powertrain and an unmistakable product design that resonates with both non-motorcyclists and avid motorcycle rider,” Ross Clifford, Vice President of Parts, Garments, and Accessories at Indian Motorcycle, said, according to the news outlet.

Price and Other Factors

The new Indian Motorcycle e-bike includes an electric motor with 2,000W of power under its sleeve.

Well, you’re certainly not going to get that same rumbling and revving like you do on an Indian Motorcycle, that’s for sure. So, what is it that makes this safe to ride without a specific license?

The absolute top speed you can reach is 28 mph. According to laws set in the U.S., this is the fastest a bike can go in order to still be classified as an electric bicycle. License or not, you’ll have to dish out in the form of cash.

The new e-bike is going for $3,999.99 and will be available at different Indian dealers as well as the official website.

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