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Indiana CEO Calls Out President Biden After Factory Loses 7% of Workforce Due To High Gas Prices

by Shelby Scott
(Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

After setting and breaking records for more than a week, gas prices have finally plateaued. Additionally, Americans have finally seen oil prices head on a downward trend. However, the surge in gas prices has been detrimental for many American families. One Indiana factory even reports that the cost per gallon has cost them 7% of their workforce within the last two weeks. Now, the company’s CEO is calling out President Joe Biden, who previously promised to end American dependence on fossil fuels.

At a Glance:

  • Indiana CEO blames President Biden for increased gas prices.
  • President Biden claims the Ukraine invasion has driven up the cost per gallon.
  • BCI Solutions Inc. has lost more than 7% of its workforce in two weeks.
  • Indiana factory considering “gas bonuses” amid increased labor loss.

CEO Scorns Biden’s Claim that Russian Invasion Drove Up Gas Prices

As we’ve seen in the weeks since Russia invaded Ukraine, American gas prices have gone up substantially, hitting and breaking records multiple times over. And while sanctions on Russian oil imports have definitely contributed to a portion of that increase, BCI Solutions Inc. CEO J.B. Brown blames the majority of that surge in the cost per gallon on President Biden himself.

While appearing on Fox News Wednesday, the station’s anchor, Steve Doocy, asked Brown what he thought of Biden’s claim that Putin and the Russian invasion have driven up the price of gas in America. His response was a scornful laugh.

“Well, what was a gallon of gas when he became president, and what is today? And what was it before the Ukraine invasion?” he responded. Brown reported that before the invasion even began, gas prices surged 20% alone around the time Biden took office.

He further condemned the president as, during the campaign trail, Biden stated he was going to end America’s dependence on fossil fuel at no cost.

“Well, now we’re seeing the cost,” he said.

Gas Prices Make Daily Commute Unaffordable for Indiana Factory Workers

During his appearance on the popular news station, Brown not only dealt the president quite a blow. He also reported sky-high gas prices have resulted in an increased loss of employees within the last two weeks. Additionally, he claimed this isn’t the first time Americans have seen this happen.

“In 2008,” Brown said, “we learned a valuable lesson. We were rockin’, we were doing a great job, we had a great economy…and gas got above $4.00 a gallon.”

He explained that once gas prices surpassed the $4.00 mark, “we started losing employees and we were wondering why.” He attributes the increased job vacancies to unaffordable gas prices.

“They said it was too far to drive,” Brown shared with the outlet.

What makes the situation even direr is that, amid complaints of increased labor shortages, regions across northern IN have more available jobs than people. So with gas prices forcing laborers from their jobs at the Indiana metal factory and places of employment across the state as a whole, labor shortages are bound to worsen.

To potentially combat further loss of labor, Brown shared with Doocy that he and other company representatives were considering a kind of “gas bonus,” awarding employees a sum of money to cover the increased cost for gas.