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Indiana Town Offers Grandparents On-Demand to Attract New Residents

by Jacklyn Krol
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Could you imagine moving to a small Indiana town and having grandparents at your beck and call?

According to the New York Post, the town of Greensburg has this incentive along with monetary ones for the next twelve months. Furthermore, the town’s goal is to attempt to entice remote workers to move to their quaint town. The only eligibility requirements are that the person must relocate in twelve months, have a remote position outside of the town, be over the age of eighteen, and be eligible to work in the United States.

The town itself is located in Decatur County and is less than ten square miles and is home to 11,228 citizens. It has a weather high of 86 and low of 20. The median house is worth $176,308.

Additionally, what comes with moving to the adorable town? The local officials are offering people $5,000 to move there along with $2,000 in gift cards. You’ll also get a year-long membership to the local YMCA and be invited to local fundraising events, open invitations to neighbors’ homes for homecooked meals, gift cards to the farmers market, and free theater passes. You’ll also get a year-long membership to their local co-working space.

But those aren’t the best parts, the grandparents and hometown feel are.

All About the Indiana Town’s Grandparents

Incentivizing people with family feel and even some free childcare has helped the town gain recognition.

Greensburg Mayor Joshua Marsh spoke with Fox 59 about what the program entails and the pros of a Midwestern lifestyle.

“Our community is full of great people that will help an individual who moves here, or their family, flourish and grow and be a part of the community,” he said. “How do we attract people to southeastern Indiana? What we’re doing is we’re showing those that maybe live in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco — outside of the Midwest — that you can keep your job that you have, where you’re working remotely. You’re paying a very high cost of living, maybe in an unsafe environment, or the school systems aren’t great… (but) you can move here to Greensburg Indiana and we will set you up.”

So how does the service work? They will match new residents with local senior citizens to help with childcare and stand-in for kids’ Grandparent’s Day, all free of charge. Finally, the grandparents couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity.

I am willing to be a grandma to anyone’s child who needs that person in their life,” Tami Wenning, the executive director for the Decatur County Community Foundation, told the local station. “Our community is just really warm and welcoming to people and I just want people to come here and feel good about the choice that they made.”