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Indiana Woman Returns Vintage Family Photo Lost in Devastating Tornado

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

Last night brought one of the worst storms that the midwest and the south have seen. A tornado that tore through Kentucky sent debris flying for miles.

An Indiana woman went out to her car this morning and found that some of that debris had made it to her home in New Albany. Western Kentucky was especially impacted by the storms. In the small town of Dawson Springs, Kentucky almost one-third of the town was flattened. The strong winds sent an old vintage family photo flying for miles and miles.

The picture is a sepia photo taken in 1942. On the back, Katie in New Albany found the names Gertie Swatzell and JD Swatzell. So, she took to Twitter to try and find the family to who it belonged. This is one of those family items that one just can never get back.

Luckily, amid all the destruction and heartache caused by the tornado, Katie has found the Swatzell family from Dawson Springs. The photos of the town are devastating and show the impact that this storm had on the region.

Kentucky Governor Details Loss of Life in Wake of Storm

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear had a presser scheduled for 5 AM this morning. During the morning hours, he spent a lot of time talking to the media. While he spoke with the TODAY Show, he detailed the loss of life in the Bluegrass State.

According to Beshear, “As we sit here right now, we know our death toll is going to exceed 50 and is probably going to be closer to 70 to 100.” Those numbers have still not been verified.

During the night four tornadoes touched down in the state and one twister stayed on the ground for over 200 miles. The hardest-hit areas were Graves County and the surrounding communities. While efforts are underway to rescue and aid those left in the storm’s wake the damage is undeniable.

Jackson Purchase Area Hit Hard by Tornado

The little tail of the state of Kentucky on the Western end is what’s known as the Jackson Purchase. This area is home to Land Between the Lakes as well as Murray State University. During the storms, last night, Mayfield, in Graves County, was hit hardest with many other communities like Dawson Springs looking barren in the daylight as well.

It is a part of the state that is unlike any other. From the environment to the culture and the diversity. There are whole communities of people that will now have to rebuild after the damage and devastation. My own Kentucky hometown was hit by the deadly 1974 tornado and while it happened 23 years before I was born, it is talked about to this day.

Of course, the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, and Tennessee were all impacted by the storm as well. There are thousands without power, and there are countless crews working tirelessly to get power back on and clear the debris.