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Insomnia Cookies Offering Free Six-Packs for Teachers

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for New York Magazine)

Who doesn’t love cookies? We know we do! And with the back-to-school blues bringing everyone down, a good cookie or two could definitely remedy that attitude. Plus, as fall approaches, we’re all looking forward to gooey treats to pull us through.

However, the cookies aren’t for the students this time. The company Insomnia Cookies is offering a free six-pack of their delish treats to teachers everywhere. The gesture is a way to say thanks and show appreciation.

“With school back in session, Insomnia Cookies wants to celebrate our teachers in the sweetest of ways,” the brand said in an email, according to Fox News. “To show their appreciation for teachers across the nation, Insomnia Cookies is delivering a delicious deal to those who deserve it most.”

The cookie company added:

 “Though COVID-19 has presented its challenges, Insomnia Cookies wants to thank teachers for continuing to positively impact the lives of their students each day.”

Teachers just have to show their ID and work ID through September 22. And then they can enjoy the Insomnia Cookie goodness!

Insomnia Cookies was founded in a dorm room at the University of Pennsylvania in 2003. Eighteen years later and the cookies are almost in every state.

So gather all your teacher friends and head to any of the 200 locations! (Remember, you can get these sweet gems until 3 a.m., so act accordingly)

Extraterrestrial Cookies

While Insomnia Cookies is offering its good to our hero teachers across the nation, the Oreo cookie company had another idea.

In a really brilliant marketing ploy this summer, Oreo decided to make limited edition space-style Oreo packages. Their purpose? So we could offer the glory that is Oreo to the alien race. The marketing went to next-level (or should we say out of this world?) tactics when they created an entire crop circle of Oreos in a field in Kansas.

The display stretched across 3 acres in a wheat field. Surely, this is why there were so many UFO sightings this summer. Who can resist the delicious chocolate perfection.

Brand Manager for Oreo, Olympia Portale said it’s all a part of the plan to welcome aliens to Earth.

“For over 109 years, OREO has brought people on earth together by inspiring moments of connection,” said Portale. “Now, the brand is extending its playful personality across the universe to enable all possible life forms to come together over an OREO cookie.”

This ploy must’ve worked well – and quickly – as the limited edition packages sold out in just three hours. Talk about stellar planning.