Investigators Search Ron Jeremy’s Trash-Filled Apartment Amid Sexual Assault Charges

by Caroline Bynum

As the former adult film star faces additional sexual assault counts and a potential sentence of 250 years, investigators search Ron Jeremy‘s apartment for evidence. Images released of the apartment show a hoarder-like, clutter-filled living space.

Daily Mail reports Detective Kevin Hom’s wrote the warrant searching for a “handwritten note on a napkin” as well as photographs of Jeremy’s victims.

The napkin note Hom was searching for evidently states something along the lines of “Don’t take women into bathrooms. If you are going to take a woman somewhere nice, you need to take her to a nice hotel and not make her feel gross in the bathroom.”

In addition to the note on bathroom protocol, detectives were also searching for a handwritten note by a woman.

In 2016, Elle Hell, another adult film star, shared images of a napkin note Ron Jeremy wrote her. She shared a picture to Twitter and added, “He told me he did the napkin thing “with all the girls this happens with” not sure if he meant the rape or sex in general.”

Images of Ron Jeremy’s undeniably filthy apartment now cover Twitter, after a post of the images by Daily Mail. They received the pictures from a woman who visited Jeremy’s apartment in 2017. In the shocking images, piles of boxes, DVDs, as well as old furniture clutter the rooms. “There was trash piled up, old porn memorabilia stuffed in overflowing boxes. His kitchen table looked like an unkempt outside porch. There were plants that had grown around the table legs and into the floor,” the woman who took the images explains.

“I honestly thought he was on that show Hoarders,” she adds, regarding the trash stacked up in the apartment. As a matter of fact, Ron Jeremy was featured on the TLC show Hoarding: Buried Alive. The former adult film star helped his friend Louise attempt to clean her cluttered apartment in 2013.

Following the release of images of his apartment, some joke Jeremy should have been featured on the show himself.