Iowa Army Veteran Gifted Mortgage-Free Home

by Taylor Cunningham
Military man hugs his child

An Iowa veteran and his family moved into a brand new, mortgage-free home this week thanks to a donation from Wells Fargo to the Military Warriors Support Foundation Homes 4 Wounded Heroes program.

At a Glance

  • A former Sergeant was given a mortgage-free home this week.
  • Wells Fargo made the gift possible with a donation to the Military Warriors Support Foundation.
  • The bank has given over 400 homes to veterans over the past two decades.
  • The Iowa veteran was permanently wounded during combat in Iraq

Iowa Veteran Welcomed into Goldfield, Iowa

On March 19th, the residents of Goldfield, Iowa, gathered together to welcome Michael Hulsey, a former US Army Sergeant who was wounded in combat, into their new home.

The small town only has a population of around 600 people. But the celebration was huge for the new homeowners.

“To have the community show their support, and immediately make us feel welcome to Iowa and to Goldfield. It was just kind of unreal to see that support right out the gate,” Hulsey told We Are Iowa.

Among the gatherers were the town mayor Rick Rasmussen and several of the city council members. And as a surprise, one of his former brothers-in-arms also showed up for the event. Husley hadn’t seen the soldier in 12 years.

Wells Fargo is a big supporter of the Homes 4 Wounded Heroes program. And the Husley family home is one of more than 400 that they’ve donated since 2012.

Being a veteran, I was right behind him just watching and teared up just knowing that they crossed the threshold of change, and it’s going to be such an exciting new chapter for them,” said Andrea Dellinger, Senior Vice President of the Military Warriors Support Foundation.

The Former Sergeant was Wounded While Serving in Iraq

Michael Hulsey followed in his family’s footsteps and joined the Army back in 2001. And the time, the U.S. was going through a time of peace. But shortly after boot camp, the attack on the twin towers happened. And he quickly joined the thousands of soldiers who went to the Middle East.

Throughout his career, the Iowa veteran deployed three times, once to Afghanistan and twice to Iraq. During one tour of Iraq, a combat explosion injured him.

His heroism earned him a Purple Heart. And he went back to Iraq. However, the injuries proved to be too severe. And after he began to lose his ability to walk, the Army gave him an honorable discharge.

Once he was home, Husley and his family attempted to set roots and buy a house. But after trying three separate times, they thought the dream would never come true.

“Since I’ve retired, we’ve tried to buy a home on three separate occasions,” Hulsey said. “Either a surgery, or recovery or a family emergency, something would always take that savings back out of our pocket.”

“To be able to leave something to my wife and children, to have had the community come out and make a connection on day one, that was what we were looking for,” he added. “We couldn’t have found a better place to call home.”