ISS Mystery: ‘Triangle-Shaped’ UFO Caught on Space Station Cams

by Clayton Edwards
(Image credit: Mark Stevenson/Stocktrek Images via Getty Images)

When most people think of UFOs, they think of flying saucers. Over the years, that classic shape has been engrained into popular culture. This started all the way back in the 1940s when Kenneth Arnold made the first recorded UFO report. He said the crafts he saw moved like saucers skipped across water. However, many high-profile sightings don’t contain flying saucers.

Many early UFO witnesses reported cigar-shaped or tube-shaped crafts. The Phoenix lights sightings, as well as some recent reports, centered around triangle-shaped UFOs. Most recently one eagle-eyed ufologist spotted one of these triangular crafts alongside the International Space Station.

On January 4th, the YouTube channel UFO Sightings Daily posted a video that could contain footage of a triangle-shaped UFO near the ISS. In the video, we see the edge of the space station’s solar panel array. Beyond that, a light-colored triangle is visible. To the left of the triangle, you can see what appears to be another rectangular object.

A Massive Triangle-Shaped UFO

However, the first frames of the video show the full extent of the craft. When the lighting is right, you can see that the triangular object is actually just one corner of a triangle-shaped UFO. In the darker frames of the film when it appears to be two objects, the craft would have to be fairly large. But when you see the full scope of the craft, it becomes obvious that it is massive.

Additionally, the craft doesn’t seem to move. While it does fade in and out of view, it remains in the same location. Scott Waring, the ufologist behind the YouTube channel, explains the change in visibility. He says that it is the camera adjusting to the angle of the sun. He also posits that the angle of the sun’s rays changes slightly throughout the video. This could be due to the movement of the space station.

However, the fact that the craft doesn’t move is significant. If the triangle-shaped object is a UFO and not a camera malfunction, its stationary position would have two explanations. The craft would have to be traveling alongside the International Space Station and matching its speed. On the other hand, it could be very far away. It’s hard to say which explanation is more unnerving.

Where Did the Video Come From?

Scott Waring explains that this video came from a live feed from the International Space Station. Additionally, he notes that the video was taken around six days before he uploaded it. So, this sighting took place in late December. Then, Waring pointed out that he shared a link to the archive of ISS live-stream footage in the description of the video and urged his followers to watch it and look for other strange objects.

You can find several live streams from the International Space Station around the internet. Click here to check out the archive of the stream that produced the triangle-shaped UFO sighting.