‘Jackass Forever’ Lands at Top of the Box Office in Debut

by Jonathan Howard

There is some good news for Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass Forever cast. Those stunts, pranks, and all the injuries were worth it.

The film hit theaters this week and the opening weekend numbers are worth writing home about. Over 100 years strong, slapstick comedy takes its seat at the top of the box office once again. Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, and the rest of the gang have done it again, it seems.

Heading into the final shows of the weekend, the film was seen at over 3600 locations across North America, Jackass Forever had solid projections. The film was expected to bring in roughly $20 million. That would be the worst opening in franchise history, but given the current state of theatrical releases, it would be a win.

Now that the final numbers are in, the film went above and beyond the projected number. Jackass Forever was able to bring in $23.5 million and beats out the first film. So, that’s on the high end of what most projections were saying beforehand. That makes the film the top at the box office and it might mean that Spider-Man: No Way Home is coming back down for good. That film has been at No.1 for six out of the last seven weeks.

It seems that the cast and crew were able to bring that old-school Jackass to feel to the film. After doing all that these guys have done from the original show, the movies, Wild Boyz, Viva La Bam, and more… the fact they can still pull out new material, revamp some old stuff, and hit you with the classics all at once has made this film a success.

Jackass Forever… and ever and ever.

‘Jackass Forever’ Keeps Things ‘Fresh and Funny’

One thing that has been exciting about Jackass Forever is how good it is. There is a lot that nostalgia can do. But you pair that with a real film that has been well made and that is going to mean success. If they wanted to, they could have done a half-assed version. The cast is all getting older. No one would have faulted them. But, Knoxville and everyone else went just as hard as they did back in 2002.

The success hasn’t just been monetary, but also critically successful.

“It’s extremely hard to keep it fresh and funny for this long, but ‘Jackass’ is doing that,” David A. Gross of Franchise Entertainment Research said. “At a cost of only $10 million, the film is going to be very profitable.”

When you put it up with competitor, Moondfall, Jackass Forever really excelled. The film was only able to bring in just over $10 million and it had a much bigger budget than the comedy. How much more? Oh, just a cool $140 million. Yeah, I think someone somewhere is going to at least have a stern talking to. The public has spoken. More groin kicks and fart jokes, fewer disaster movies… I guess.