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‘Jackass’ Star Steve-O Gets Coronavirus, Speaks out

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Contributor / Getty Images)

Steve-O tested positive for antibodies for the coronavirus. The “Jackass” star spoke out during an interview about being completely asymptomatic.

As a precaution, the former MTV star got tested for the coronavirus before his current stand-up comedy tour. He initially received negative results. However, someone suggested he gets an antibody test. Steve-O then learned he tested positive for the virus antibodies.

Even though the 46-year-old daredevil didn’t experience symptoms from the virus, he explains that he takes wearing masks seriously. “I have a lot of feelings about this,” he tells Too Fab. “There’s nothing brave about saying ‘I don’t care about coronavirus,’ because you’re just putting other people at risk.”

Steve-O says that while he does dangerous things, he and his friends don’t endanger others. “As deliberately reckless as my Jackass buddies and I are — we put effort into being reckless — we are careful about being respectful to other people, you know?” he says.

The actor then explained why he believes “Jackass” resonates with viewers. “I think what’s made ‘Jackass’ successful, over these decades now, is that it’s not mean spirited,” he says. “We’re not cruel; we do it to ourselves. and that gives it a sort of wholesome, lovable sense. Third party people and putting them at risk is not part of our program.”

Steve-O concluded by adding that he and his Jackass friends hope to do their part to contain the coronavirus. “And for that matter, I’d say me and all my buddies, we care about doing what we can to not spread it.”

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