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Jake Paul Being Taught by Jorge Masvidal, UFC Fighter Who Knocked Out Ben Askren in 5 Seconds

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Jake Paul has made some big promises about his upcoming fight against Ben Askren. And if he’s going to keep them, he’s working with the right guy. The YouTube star turned fighter said he’s learning “secrets” from MMA fighter Jose Masvidal.

Paul posted several photos of the two working out together in Miami to his Instagram. Paul’s exhibition bout with Askren is set for April 17.

“(swipe right) He knocked out my opponent @benaskren in 5 seconds and now will help me do it in less time.. @gamebredfighter is teaching me his secrets… April 17th the fight will last less than 4 seconds and then we coming for @natediaz209,” Paul captioned the posts.

Masvidal knocked out Askren with a flying knee in 5 seconds at UFC 239 in 2019. It’s the current record for the fastest knockout in a UFC bout.

It’s unclear if Masvidal is working with Paul in any official capacity. But Paul told ESPN MMA that he’d reached out to the 36-year-old fighter since they were both in Miami.

“We’re here in Miami training,” Paul told ESPN MMA. “I wanted to channel Masvidal’s energy since he’s in Florida. I’m linking up with Masvidal tomorrow. He’s gonna help me train for this fight and hopefully, I can knock Ben out faster than Masvidal did. I know it seems like a lofty goal but if I can get under 4.9 seconds then I can break his record.”

Askren hasn’t said much about the fight publicly. Though, the former MMA fighter, NCAA champion wrestler, and 2008 Olympian doesn’t seem worried.

“He’s a f**king YouTube star,” he told TMZ. “I’m gonna beat him up.”

Jake Paul Promises to Add Askren to ‘Meme Collection’

Jake Paul has been touting his 2-0 record — both knockouts — but that is somewhat deceiving. He’s beaten Ali Loui Al-Fakhri, a YouTuber who goes by the name AnEsonGib and former NBA player Nate Robinson. The Robinson fight ended in stunning fashion after he Paul knocked him out.

The internet quickly turned photos of Robinson splayed out on the mat into a meme. Paul promised to repeat that against Askren.

“After I knock out Ben Askren and add him to the meme collection, what could someone say after that?” Paul told TMZ Sports. “What excuse will they make?”

Paul hopes that if he can build up enough wins that the UFC will allow him to compete.

“At the end of the day, this is why I took the fight because he’s a legitimate pro and again, I’m a Disney channel actor YouTuber-kid,” Paul told the website.

“My ultimate goal is to fight the Nate Diazs, the Conor McGregors … those are all MMA guys. I think people will have to take me seriously after this fight and since I do want Diaz, since I do want McGregor, since I do want these people in the UFC, this is the first step to get there. You can’t just come into the NBA and be LeBron so I have to earn my stripes.”

Though UFC Chief Dana White has made his dislike of Paul well known.