Jason Isbell Says America Got ‘Dropped off at Rehab’ After Joe Biden Wins Election

by Josh Lanier

Jason Isbell had a lot of thoughts after it was announced Joe Biden had beaten Donald Trump to become president. The country crooner took to Twitter to make a joke but followed it with a sobering truth.

His followers laughed, but then he got serious.

A subject Isbell knows well. The recovering addict has been open with his struggles with alcohol.

“What used to be a craving for alcohol is now more of a romanticized memory. I let the tape play out, watch the movie until the end and see what it would really do and what would really happen, rather than just remember the buzz,” he admitted to CMT. “It was a major change, and it was terrifying, but the farther you get into the woods, the less scary the woods appear. And the more time I spent working on what had caused me to be a drunk in the first place, the less afraid I was of that particular ghost returning.”

Jason Isbell Has Promised to Fill Now that Georgia is Blue

Jason Isbell said he would cut an album of his favorite songs about Georgia with all of the profits going to charity if the state voted.

“If Biden wins Georgia I’m gonna make a charity covers album of my favorite Georgia songs- REM, Gladys Knight, Vic Chesnutt, Allmans, Cat Power, Precious Bryant, Now It’s Overhead, etc… And damn is that gonna be fun,” he tweeted.

Biden had about a 7,000 vote lead in Georgia on Saturday afternoon with 99 percent of precincts reporting, the New York Times reported. More than 5 million people cast a vote in Georgia this election.

Moreover, Isbell has been enjoying himself during this election. A longtime Biden backer, he’s had fun online poking fun at his candidate and the race in general. One of his more recent tweets went incredibly viral.

“Biden could still pull of the historical sweep of every state Steve Miller has been to in Keep On Rockin Me Baby,” he tweeted. Now that the classic rock jam is playing in your head, we can burst the suspense. Biden did in fact pull off the Steve Miller Sweep.