Jeep’s New ‘Donut Door’ Will Give Your Left Leg a Mean Sock Tan

by Chris Haney
(Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

For years, Jeep has given Wrangler drivers options for their doors, including half-doors or the option to remove them altogether. Now, a patent has gone through that will give Wrangler drivers a new option – donut doors.

Jeep recently filed a patent for frameless doors that have a large hole in the middle of them. On Monday, the company published the patent for the donut-like doors, according to a report from The Drive. The patent was filed more than three years ago and shows that Jeep has been working on the donut doors since at least May 2017.

While Jeep isn’t the first automaker to utilize holes in their SUV’s doors, they may be the first to manufacture them. Ford had off-road drivers excited last year when they previewed their 2021 Bronco featuring donut doors. However, safety-related issues put an end to Ford producing the Bronco with doors without a middle section to them.

Although Jeep’s patent filing could lead to the doors being manufactured one day, there is no guarantee of production. Since Ford faced safety hurdles with similar doors, Jeep could face the same issues. Yet each car manufacturer continues to give drivers further options for their SUV’s doors. Jeep created half-doors that are available for each version of the 2021 Wrangler. The extra feature costs between $2,350 and $4,395 to add to new Wranglers.

Jeep Announces First-Ever 7-Passenger Wrangler

Speaking of Jeep Wranglers, the car manufacturer recently revealed a new seven-passenger model called the Jeep Overlook. It’s the first Jeep Wrangler ever to hold seven riders and include a third row.

Off-roaders got their first look at the Overlook at the SEMA car show in Las Vegas in 2020. The extended model is more than a foot longer than the original. It also features a safari-style roof, which gives those in the back plenty of headroom while tagging along.

According to Fox News, the Jeep Outlook also has other added features. It comes equipped with a Jeep Performance Parts two-inch lift kit. In addition, it has 37-inch tires, steel bumpers, and cowl-mounted auxiliary lighting.

The SUV was marketed at the SEMA car show as being perfect for extended road trips. Likewise to any Wrangler, it would also be great for off-roading along with a larger group of people. Further, it would be Jeep’s first promoted three-row automobile in more than a decade.

As of now, the Outlook is still considered a concept car. Many car enthusiasts believe it would be an excellent addition to Jeep’s fleet of vehicles. Especially since it would be the perfect family-style SUV to add to the company’s collection of high-performance models. Yet, the company has not announced a production date so far, and therefore it is unclear if it will ever be manufactured.