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Jeep Reportedly Falls Off Bronx Bridge Killing Driver

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

A recent report says a jeep fell off the Third Avenue Bridge this morning. The cops say it landed on its roof after colliding with another vehicle in the Bronx.

First, the Jeep Wrangler’s driver is seen merging on the Major Deegan Expressway just before 5 a.m. Unfortunately, the vehicle struck an Audi A6 traveling south on the roadway.

Afterward, the jeep hit a concrete barrier causing it to topple off the highway. Authorities pronounced the driver dead on the scene while the 23-year-old Audi driver is getting medical attention at Lincoln Hospital. They are in stable condition.

There are no current arrests at this time. Investigators pick up debris from the accident to determine the jeep driver’s identity.

The New York Post or another news outlet will release updates soon.

Are Jeeps Actually Safe?

We all know Jeeps are fun to drive but are they safe in potential accidents?

2018 releases an all-new Wrangler featuring massive improvements in safety, fuel efficiency, as well as technology. But even with these improvements, are they still safe for people to drive?

It still receives different ratings and its new safety features bring it below average from multiple testing agencies.

The next time you look for a new car, be aware of all the different options each vehicle has to offer. The most important feature is to remain safe on the road.

Car Accidents in the U.S.

The National Safety Council reports approximately 42,060 traffic deaths in 2020. This number is much higher than 2019 with 39,107 car accidents. This organization is a nonprofit that focuses on eliminating preventable deaths relating to cars. 2021 has seen about the same, if not more collisions.

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, car accidents happen every 60 seconds. It compares to about 5.25 million crashes across the country on a yearly basis.

Jeeps and Other Automakers are Creating High-Tech Vehicles

Automakers are designing vehicles with more technology to keep drivers and passengers safe.

In this video, new technology in vehicles consists of, rear automatic braking, blind-spot prevention, lane-keeping assistance, and automatic high beams.

Rear automatic braking uses sensors to alert the driver of any obstacles behind them.

Blindspot intervention uses backup cameras. It’s like having another set of eyes while you’re out on the road. For example, the car will beep loudly if you get close to hitting something behind you. Although, it’s still necessary to use your side and rearview mirrors!

Lane-keeping assistance determines the lane boundaries. If it senses you drifting away, then it will automatically vibrate and send you back to the correct lane.

Finally, automatic high beams are a great invention, especially for those of you who are night blind. The new headlight technology automatically turns high beams on after the car in front of you passes.

At the end of the day, you might be a safe driver, but it’s the other drivers you need to worry about.