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Jeff Bezos Commits $1B to Conservation Efforts Worldwide

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced on Monday that the Bezos Earth Fund will be pledging $1 billion to create, expand, manage, and monitor protected and conserved areas. The pledge is part of Bezos’ $10 billion commitment to fight climate change and protect as well as restore nature. 

According to a press release, Jeff Bezos stated that the $1 billion pledge will play a “key role” in the implementation of a 30×30 commitment. The 30×30 commitment is a goal to protect 30% of land and seas by 2030. It also will prevent mass extinction and boosts resilience to climate change. The 30×20 commitment is notably supported by leaders of more than 70 countries around the globe. 

While speaking about the commitment, Jeff Bezos stated that the natural world is not better today than it was 500 years ago.

“We can and must reserve this anomaly. By coming together with the right focus and ingenuity, we can have both the benefits of our modern lives and a thriving natural world.”

Jeff Bezos also said he hopes the $1 billion commitment inspires others to make their own pledges to protect and conserve nature as well as help in the fight against climate change. “A job this big needs many allies.”

When Will the Jeff Bezos’ Earth Fund Begin Disbursement of the $1 Billion Pledge 

Jeff Bezos also stated in the press release that the Bezos Earth Fund will begin disbursement of the $1 billion in 2021. Grants will also be prioritized in regions and countries where there is a significant need and opportunity. 

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, also spoke about Jeff Bezos’ contribution.

“This is a hugely welcome announcement. If we are to tackle the climate crisis and preserve the precious biodiversity that has sustained life on this planet for millions of years. We need everyone.”

John Kerry, United States Special President Envoy for Climate, then shared his thoughts about the pledge. “The Bezos Earth Fund’s commitment to conserve and expand critical high carbon stocks comes at a pivotal moment. As we seek to avoid the loss of irreplaceable biodiversity and further destabilization of the climate.”

Jeff Bezos noted the $1 commitment will represent the first of three-part nature strategies. Andrew Steer, Bezos Earth Fund President, said the Earth Fund is focused on funding programs with the potential to create catalytic change. This includes both stabilizing the natural resources and investing in ideas and projects that will accelerate the future.

Future commitments will be for landscape restoration and on-foot system transformation. 

Steer added, “Bold steps to conserve of our land and water. [It will] also support Indigenous and local communities are needed urgently.”