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Jeff Bezos Reportedly Complained His Blue Origin Spacesuit Didn’t Fit His Crotch

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

A funny incident involving Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his ill-crotch-fitting Blue Origin spacesuit has come to light recently.

A witness told one website that the billionaire was “volubly upset” when his blue spacesuit “fit poorly around the crotch” before the rocket’s liftoff. The incident happened during a preflight photo shoot.

The New York Post via Bloomberg reported on the incident. Bezos and three others took the first-ever commercial flight last July.

Bezos Had His Tailor Work On The Spacesuit’s Crotch 

The billionaire flew his personal tailor to Texas to alter right before the Blue Origin launch.

The Amazon founder had no problem doing it. The man’s worth $170 billion, yet the space flight drew some public criticism. Some social media users joked about the shape of the “New Shepard” Blue Origin spaceship.

Bezos drew some attention with the post-flight news conference. He accidentally popped the cork on the champagne during actor William Shatner’s emotional speech.

The man’s also drawn attention for his high-profile relationship with girlfriend Lauren Sanchez. According to Bloomberg’s report, Bezos gave his girlfriend a letter before the spaceflight. Some described the gesture as romantic with others around.

The it-couple makes many public appearances, most recently at Super Bowl parties and hanging out with actor Leo DiCaprio. 

Demand High For Bezos’ Space Flights

Bezos left his job as Amazon CEO last year to dedicate himself to Blue Origin and philanthropy. Well, he’s also got his massive, $500 million superyacht to use soon. Reportedly, Netherlands residents are unhappy a bridge will have to be dismantled to get the yacht out into the ocean, but I’m sure he’ll figure out a way to make the country’s government happy.

Recently, Bezos told the audience at the 24th annual FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference that “the market is robust” for space flight.

Bezos wants to bring 28 people into space with future spaceflights. He also talked about a new vehicle that the company expects to service this year.

We don’t know how many flights Blue Origin will schedule for 2022. But Bezos plans to fill all six seats on the rocket for each trip, though.

Also, the cost of each flight is not known. One competitor, Virgin Galactic, offers seat sales for its passenger spaceship at $450,000. You only need to make a $150,000 deposit. After that, the seats are for sale on a first-come, first-served basis.

Additionally, Blue Origin has kept information private regarding how many have paid and who. One 31-year-old Chinese man bid $28 million to take the maiden flight but had to back out at the last minute.

Cryptocurrency entrepreneur Justin Sun still plans to make the trip before the end of 2022. We may see him on one of the upcoming Blue Origin missions this year.