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Jeff Bezos ‘Heartbroken’ Over Amazon Warehouse Deaths During Illinois Tornado

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

One of the many unfortunate occurrences from Friday’s tornadoes was an Illinois Amazon warehouse collapsing, killing many inside. After hearing about the tragedy, Amazon found Jeff Bezos issued a statement. In it, he said he was “heartbroken” over what happened.

The tornado took the lives of at least six Amazon employees, with another needing hospitalization. 24 hours after the tornado struck, Bezos gave a statement on Twitter, calling it “tragic” and stating he was “heartbroken” about it.

“The news from Edwardsville is tragic,” Bezos began the statement. “We’re heartbroken over the loss of our teammates there, and our thoughts and prayers are with their families and loved ones. All of Edwardsville should know that the Amazon team is committed to supporting them and will be by their side through this crisis. We extend our fullest gratitude to all the incredible first responders who have worked so tirelessly at the site.”

The tornado in question was part of a storm system that killed 70 people across five states. Reports state this one hit the Amazon fulfillment center around 8:30 p.m. Friday night. Workers were in the middle of a shift change, making the timing about as bad as it could have been. On top of the six fatalities and another being injured, 45 workers needed rescuing from the collapsed building.

Edwardsville Fire Chief James Whiteford said the tornado caused the building’s 40-foot-tall, almost foot-thick walls to collapse, the New York Post reported. This forced the roof to cave in. Luckily, there were two areas within the building that seemed to be safe and housed most of the survivors.

After Celebrating Blue Origin Flight Amid Amazon Deaths, Jeff Bezos Faces Massive Backlash

Though Jeff Bezos issued a statement regarding the Amazon warehouse deaths, many are unhappy with the way he handled things. This comes from the fact Bezos addressed the Blue Origin flight before acknowledging the deaths within his company.

Despite the Amazon warehouse incident occurring Friday, Bezos primarily spoke on social media about the successful Blue Origin flight. The post on his social media channels shows him smiling, with the caption reading “Happy crew this morning in the training center…”

“It’s really sickening if you want my honest opinion. Jeff Bezos has said absolutely NOTHING on the lives lost at his facility in Illinois after a catastrophic tornado left numerous workers trapped. But sure, go play wannabe space men for 10 minutes. Unreal,” one Twitter user posted in response to it.

Other celebrities such as Meghan McCain also had words for Bezos. “I would be much more impressed with Jeff Bezos if he gave his employees giant Christmas bonuses with that money and stopped making his workers and delivery drivers urinate in bottles because they don’t have breaks to pee – instead of this weird, phallic midlife crisis space quest.”