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Jeff Bezos’ New Superyacht Is Longer Than a Football Field: VIDEO

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Video of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s superyacht show the ship’s length is longer than an American football field.

There are 360 feet in a football field, and the Bezos boat currently named Y721 is 57 feet longer!

The Daily Mail reported that Netherland shipbuilders are still fast at work on the $500 million boat, which will make it the biggest sailing yacht in the world when completed next year. 

Jeff Bezos Boat For The Ages

What do you get for the billionaire who recently touched the sky and seemingly has it all? Well, this superyacht.

Currently, the passenger ship Sea Cloud holds the title of the biggest sailing yacht. 

This Jeff Bezos boat will feature three gigantic masts, a helicopter pad, and three decks. But it will come in just smaller than 50 percent of a legitimate cruise ship. 

How much will it take to run? According to the media website Bloomberg, expect about a $50 million price tag if you consider it costs 10% of the ship’s value to operate (crew, fuel, etc.)

Most didn’t even know about the boat until a book titled “Amazon Unbound” mentioned it. The book described the Jeff Bezos boat as “one of the finest sailing yachts in existence.”

Aerial photographers caught the yacht recently on its way to Albalasserdam. There, the Oceanco-built ship will get its final fittings. Reportedly, the vessel’s model comes from a previous Oceanco ship dubbed the Black Pearl. That 2018 ship is considered one of the world’s largest and most ecological yachts with its three 229-foot tall carbon masts.

Oceanco has stayed quiet about the ship, trotting out the whole “we value our customer’s privacy” blather. 

Bezos The Money Man

Since losing his “world’s richest man” moniker to rival Elon Musk last month, Jeff Bezos has dropped to a paltry $197 billion in worth.

The upcoming ship is not Bezos’s first one. The man bought a shadow yacht, a car/helicopter carrying ship that will be a customized model of the US 7512 model. Damen Yachts makes that ship. 

Social media took note of the recent massive ship Jeff Bezos is building.

One Twitter poster remarked, “He’s preparing for the flooding. My guess is it is totally solar-powered and can convert saltwater to freshwater, and has a large hydroponic garden. That way, when he’s destroyed the world, he can retire in peace.”

Er, uh, maybe. But then, why did Jeff Bezos make a spaceship? So he could stay on Earth?

But, back to this superyacht. Want to know how long the Titanic was? It came in at 883 feet. For another comparison, the famous Queen Mary comes in at a whopping 1,019 feet long.