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Jelly Belly Founder Launches ‘Gold Ticket’ Hunt

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Neilson Barnard / Stringer/ Getty Images)

Imagine a real-life Charlie and the Chocolate Factory scavenger hunt. Although the winner doesn’t receive hundreds of tiny Oompa Loompa workers, they will receive their very own candy factory. Other winners will receive $5,000.

The founder of the Fairfield, California-based Jelly Belly company, is retiring, but not before giving a send-off of Willy Wonka caliber.

David Klein announced the contest for Jelly Belly’s golden ticket treasure hunt in a video message online. Klein said that the golden tickets are hidden in various locations around the U.S.

To enter the treasure hunt, you must first pay $49.98, and you will receive a game location in your state, a start date, and a riddle to help you find the Golden Ticket. The ticket is in the form of a gold necklace with the words “the gold ticket” and a code on the tag. The code must be entered into [email protected], along with the location to be verified. Players must also have a Facebook account.

Klein said that he is giving away one of his “Candyman Kitchens” located in Florida.

“The world needs this right now. We have received thousands of comments from people who say this has come at such a perfect time,” says Klein.

Klein also adds that each state’s treasure hunt has a strict limit of 1,000 participants.

Jelly Belly History

Gustav Goelitz was the creator of Jelly Belly in 1869 in the town of Belleville, Illinois. In 1976 the company debuted the first eight flavors of jelly beans. The famous flavors were Root Beer, Green Apple, Licorice, Cream Soda, Lemon, Tangerine, Very Cherry, and Grape.

With the help of Ronald Regan, who was a big fan of jelly beans, the popularity of the company skyrocketed.

By 1986 Jelly Belly Candy Co. made its headquarters in Fairfield, California.

The company is now worth a substantial $193 million.

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