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Jen Psaki Speaks on ‘NASCAR and Country Music TV’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki detailed the Biden administration’s plans to partner with both “NASCAR and Country Music TV” to reach people regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a press briefing, Psaki discussed the White House and President Joe Biden’s plans to connect with white conservative communities. According to the Washington Times, Psaki says the White House hopes to reach across party lines. The White House reportedly feels some members of these communities have been resistant to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Some folks are reportedly concerned regarding the safety and effects of the vaccine. Earlier on Tuesday, both the CDC and FDA recommended a halt on Johnson and Johnson vaccines. But there are also two other companies with available vaccines, Moderna and Pfizer as well.

Psaki said the White House wants to reassure communities on a local level. And they’ve partnered with NASCAR and Country Music TV to do so.

“An example is Dr. [Francis] Collins participated in ‘The 700 Club,’” she said. “Dr. [Marcella] Nunez-Smith hosted a faith leaders roundtable. We’ve run PSAs on ‘The Deadliest Catch.’ We’re engaged with NASCAR and Country Music TV.”

Jen Psaki Promotes White House Community Corps

According to the outlet, states such as Ohio, Mississippi, and Oklahoma have lower demand for vaccinations than other states. Psaki addressed concerns from the press on how to reach rural states. The press secretary lauded the White House’s Community Corps. The program partners with other organizations, more than 4,000, to promote vaccines in targeted at-risk communities.

“We’re also investing $3 billion to states and community-based organizations to strengthen vaccine confidence in the highest-risk and hardest-hit communities,” she said. “And often, people think of that as just Black and brown communities, and that is not. As you’ve noted, that is also conservative communities, White evangelicals. It’s a range of communities around the country.”

Psaki also announced that the White House has partnered with local faith organizations such as churches as well.

“What we’ve found to be most effective is to work with these local organizations — so, faith-based organizations, community health organizations, civic leaders, and others who can really get this message deeply in communities,” she said.