‘Jeopardy!’: Season Comes to an End, Fans Weigh in on Their ‘Favorite Contestants’

by Jonathan Howard

Finally, this season of Jeopardy! has come to a close. The season was one for the books. Alex Trebek hosted his last games. All the guest hosts came and went. And a slew of contestants went through the game show. As one of the most passionate game show fan bases, Jeopardy! fans took to Reddit to discuss favorite contestants.

Throughout the season, contestants came and went. There were a few one-game Jeopardy! champs, quirky contestants, and some real champions. Of course, Matt Amodio has proven himself as one of the game’s best ever. His streak was the longest by far in the season and he has moved up the all-time lists in wins and money. Not everyone thinks of the champ as their favorite though. With so many players this season, it really is hard to choose

The thread starts with user u/rirhun asking the board who their favorite contestants have been. “My favorites this season are easily Brayden Smith and Matt Amodio. Brayden is a sentimental pick…As for Matt, he is just so fun to watch,” the post read. With this being a weirdly melancholy season rerun summed it up well to finish the post, “Certainly the one bright spot in a confusing season.”

Scrolling down the thread, many fans gave their input. Brayden Smith and Amodio were definitely heavily favored. Smith was Alex Trebek’s last great champion, winning five games and over $100k. However, the Jeopardy! champion passed away tragically in February of this year. The question of ‘what if?’ will always be there and fans will have a spot in their hearts for Smith for years to come.

Other names mentioned included Zach Newkirk, Brian Chang, and Kalee Hernandez. With all the talk about guest hosts and whether Jeopardy! made the right decision, it is good to give the contestants their credit as well. While guest hosts have a team behind them, contestants are out on their own for good or bad.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Matt Amodio Won’t Stop

As for the current Jeopardy! champion, Matt Amodio doesn’t seem to be stopping. With 18 wins to finish out the season, Amodio will be back for more in season 38. There is little that seems to bother the champion and it will take quite a performance to unseat him. When the new season starts, he will be joined by the new permanent host, Mike Richards as he begins his new job in Trebek’s place.

While guest hosts come and go, true champions stay. That has been the story with Amodio. There have been a couple of good challenges, but he has stayed steadfast in his resolve. When it comes to playing the game, he doesn’t take big risks like James Holzhauer and plays a lot more like Ken Jennings. However, Amodio’s game is entirely his own and the winnings reflect that.